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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Some Republicans seek removal of party chief.

"Kris Warner has spent this week vacationing in the Caribbean, but if some of his critics had their way, he would have spent the week preparing to defend his position as chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party on Saturday."

I wonder if this has anything to do with the thoughtless, shrewd letter he sent out to Demacratic elected officials. I kind of want to see him get dethroned by his own party, but not more than by us. With the 'leaked' letter we obtained, I was hoping that the local media would do some sort of coverage on it, and then issue negative press for Warner and the Republican party.
Waiting may do harm to its effectiveness.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Republican Cheer!

Republicans disgust me. They are liars and manipulators. Dividers. Fear mongers. Smiling when they talk about war and grinning when they tell their lies and distort their record. Trying to impose their hateful morals on the rest of the world, they're nothing but the Taliban reborn. Have you seen their platform? Have you listened to their speeches? These warmongers? These liars?

Let's get some things straight: Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Stop insinuating there is. Where is Osama? Why are we in Iraq if Osama Bin Laden is free? Since he is free, obviously Bush *didn't* do his job, did he?
The 9/11 commission makes it very clear that Bush's administration ignored signs of a pending attack. Stop pretending it was a surprise.

Bush lied to the entire country and Colin Powell lied to the entire world as to why we should invade Iraq, then we did so in spite of the U.N. and without a plan to win the peace. Bush's actions have caused unprecedented anger and resentment towards the U.S. and made us less safe, not more

Anti-choice. This party thinks a woman's right to choose should be against the law (obstensibly to save the life of an unborn child... but they don't mind killing thousands of innocent Iraqis, do they?). This is an adminstration that prevents American healthcare workers in Africa give out condoms to help stop the spread of AIDs. Republicans are sick and twisted.

Bush is an incompetent, ignorant, dangerous moron. When asked a basic question in a press conference, Bush exclaimed that he couldn't think under pressure and wished that the question had been given in advance. Terrorists don't give questions in advance George, you're not fit to run this country.

Republicans just keep on lying and lying and lying until the stupid people think it's the truth just because it's so consistent. E.g. "Death Tax", "Compassionate Conservatism", "Flip Flop", "Liberal Media". The last one is the biggest lie. The media is *not* liberal but now everyone assumes it is, and the conservatives get their way always. They are manipulators extraordinaire. Have you read the platform? Revisionism and manipulation at it's best. Goebbels could't have written it better.

Finally, thank god Arnold is Austrian by birth. That maniac. Calling the Democrats liars? Is he kidding me? And the rest of that crap he spewed is just garbage. What a butthole (but a great representative for his party)!

Will the truth ever prevail?

Today Lord Relay and I were discussing the Conservative attack on middle-class America. Our conversation impowered me to write the following essay. I hope you can see the resemblance in my article.

Conservatives must constantly attack others (and focus on "morality") to keep hidden their own true agenda, which is no less than a return to the world of Scrooge & Marley, Inc. They're working to bring about a return to Robber Baron feudalism, with a stable, rich, and powerful ruling class, and an impoverished, frightened, and politically impotent working class.

But for conservatives to keep the loyalty of the working-class victims of their policies (which are shipping American jobs overseas, while fighting unions and minimum-wage increases here), they must convince people that there is a "them" out there - liberals in this case - who are out to destroy America's moral fiber and are thus responsible for working-class misery.

This is an old trick, and one the cons know is very difficult to counter. Consider what happened when German militarism in WWI led, through the punishing Treaty of Versailles and then later the Great Depression, to the collapse of the German economy in the 1920s and early 1930s. Hitler couldn't blame the militarists and corporatist conservatives who had led his nation into WWI and mismanaged the economy afterwards, so he pointed to the Jews as the "them" responsible for the problems in German society.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

No English

President Bush paid a visit to USA Industries, a factory in Bay Shore, Long Island, N.Y. After presenting his speech to the factory workers, they cheered and gave him a standing ovation. After the president departed, journalists talked to some of the workers. Almost all of those contacted said "no speak English." One 26 year old, who knew English, when asked what he planned to do with his life, said: "I would like to become an American citizen."

These workers were getting $6 to $9 per hour. They opened our eyes. This incident presents an entirely different view of Bush's economic policies than Bush is trying to show. But then Bush always says one thing and does the opposite. He is a con man, always selling, never delivering, except to his friends. He has two faces: one for the average guy to whom he shows "compassion," the other to his rich friends to whom he delivers the goodies.
Bush talks one way to us and acts a different way to please his friends with reference to security. He talks about security daily. Then he forgets about Afghanistan and acts against Iraq. He advocates peace and democracy. Then he acts against our civil liberties. We, the public, are beginning to catch on:
Bush "no speak securita."

Bush talks about how he feels for workers who have no jobs. He offers them his compassion. But then he gives tax cuts to the rich and corporate welfare to Big Business. It is becoming more obvious every day that:
Bush "no speak economica."

Bush tells us all that he wants to fight environmental destruction. Then he acts to reduce the burden on business and the environment is degraded further. Don't you get the feeling that: Bush "no speak ecologica."

It has gotten so bad that even with his fellow Republicans he says one thing and does something else. This is what he did with Medicare. Afraid that Republican legislators would vote against his Medicare bill, he told them the cost of the bill would be about 1/3 less than the actual estimated cost - which Bush knew about when he advocated passing of the bill. Instead of reducing spending, Republicans are upset because Bush is increasing government spending. Upset Republicans are effectively saying: Bush "no speak Republica."

President Bush: We figured you out. We cannot believe anything you say. You "no speak securita," you "no speak economica," you "no speak ecologica," you "no speak Republica." In plain language,
you "no speak English."

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Questions to Republicans and others who support "acting" President, George W. Bush.

1. What are the fundamental reasons for you supporting George W. Bush?

2. Do you feel George W. Bush has made any mistakes, critical or uncritical, pertaining to his leadership and accountability?

3. How do you feel about the French and the United Nations?

4. What is your major source of news? Be honest now.

5. Did you also support Nixon, Reagan and George H. W. Bush?

6. Do you ever mourn the loss of another life which is unrelated to you?

7. Do you understand what the United States Constitution is and why it was established?

8. Do you understand what the Bill of Rights are and what they were established?

9. If you are a registered Republican, why did you register under that party?

10. Is it possible that you misunderstand many important issues relating to the reason why you support George W. Bush?

For those of you who partake in this questionnaire please be honest with us and yourselves. The reason for this document is for others and myself to clear up any confusion that may be blocking progression of party cooperation.

If you want to be honest with us but are scared of getting attacked, harrassed or what not from Republican friends, feel free to email us your answers at

Friday, December 10, 2004

My grandmother, a Bush supporter.

I have spent the past hour or so digging through the piles of news article on various websites. With every passing moment I grew more and more frustrated, angry and determined, momentarily feeling depressed because I stumbled across this article:

" After dubbing President Bush's "open door" border policy a threat to national security, Rep. Tom Tancredo says, he got a call from Bush aide Karl Rove proposing that he never again "darken the doorstep of the White House." He's glad that the non-invite apparently didn't extend to the annual congressional Christmas party."...

Just seeing Karl Rove's name boils my blood. He got the #1 position on Barbara Walter's most interesting people of 2004. A position he does deserve due to his evil, disturbing actions and plans. People need to know who he is and why he also deserves the title: "Bush's Brain". The thing that gets me is that he has the nerve to threaten people like he is a badass. He is so intelligent, an evil genius most likely, that he gained this power and is abusing it by pretending to be a Mafia of sorts. Now, we all know that power can and does corrupt, but Karl Rove needs to understand that we are watching him. And not only are "we" watching him, we will inform him who he really is and where his place lies.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Rumsfeld to U.S. Troops: SUCK IT UP. Limbaugh Agrees.

Donald Rumsfeld received a little heat for his incompetence by the troops the other day. I watched as this brave and honorable soldier said what is on many of our minds. Rumsfeld ofcourse was a little upset that the soldiers would have the nerve to do this. He responded with more ignorant one liners that the Bush administration is so familiar with.

This afternoon Rush Limbaugh was responding to the soldiers remark on his radio show. Now, he didn't want to get attacked by the public for disrespecting the soldier and his opinions, so he is placing the blame on a reporter that, as Rush says, influenced the soldiers' thoughts. This is absolutely horrible and absolutely Republican behavior.

EDIT: Here is the email of the Journalist who is under attack by the desperate Right Wing Nazis.

Friday, December 03, 2004

More Local Politics.

RAHALL REPORT: Rahall Efforts Bring Federal Funding to Southern W.Va.

From the Desk of U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV)
Representing West Virginia's 3rd District

Beckley (HNN) -- U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV), dismayed that a transportation/jobs bill that would bring billions of dollars to West Virginia wasn't completed in this session of Congress, was able to secure funding for numerous projects in Southern West Virginia and is pleased that the Appalachian Regional Commission avoided drastic funding cuts.

"Though I am extremely disappointed the Republican-run Congress refused to move on a Transportation/Jobs bill that West Virginians have been demanding, I worked to bring funding to the Appalachian Regional Commission and some significant projects here in Southern West Virginia," he said Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2004.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a comprehensive $388 billion spending bill that will fund most federal government agencies, and provide appropriations for projects across the country. The bill included $66 million for the Appalachian Regional Commission, an agency vital to economic and infrastructure development in West Virginia. Other federal funding Congressman Rahall worked to obtain for Southern West Virginia include the following:

  • $3 million for flooding control measures on the Greenbrier Basin.
  • $1 million for St. Mary's Medical Center in Huntington, for construction and upgrade of facilities and for relevant equipment.
  • $1 million for the Nick J. Rahall, II, Transportation Institute (RTI) at Marshall University to fund a demonstration project tracking highway movement of hazardous materials.
  • $970,000 to the 4-C Economic Development Corporation in Oak Hill, West Virginia for facilities construction.
  • $750,000 to the West Virginia Division of Highways to fund design and road construction connecting the Higher Education Center in Beckley to I-64.
  • $657,000 to the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation in Lewisburg, West Virginia for facilities construction and build out.
  • $500,000 for the Southern WV Environmental Infrastructure program, which authorizes U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide local communities with assistance for wastewater treatment and water supply facilities, surface water protection, and environmental restoration in order to improve health and safety for West Virginians.
  • $150,000 for Marshall University, Center for Environmental, Geotechnical and Applied Sciences for Environmental Management Incubator.
  • $125,000 for Lower Mud River to prevent flooding in the city of Milton by widening and straightening the flood channel of the Lower Mud River.
  • $97,000 to Forward Southern West Virginia in Beckley, West Virginia for land acquisition, planning, design, and construction of a Mountain Music Hall of Fame.
  • $59,000 for the Island Creek flood protection projects.

Local Politics. McGraw isn't surrendering so easily. That's right.

McGraw sues over TV ads

Case targets spots
that led to justice's defeat

Brad McElhinny
Daily Mail staff

Thursday December 02, 2004
Supreme Court Justice Warren McGraw is suing Massey Energy chief Don Blankenship and the company that owns WOWK-TV for more than $1 million, saying an advertising campaign that contributed to his election defeat was libelous.

"We will go right to the jury and we will prove this was false, they knew it was false and they willfully and maliciously published it to destroy Justice McGraw," McGraw's attorney, Richard Neely, said today. "No ifs, no ands, no buts and no weasel language."

The lawsuit filed in Wyoming Circuit Court seeks $1.14 million in lost wages that McGraw would have derived from a 12-year term on the court plus lost pension income for him and his wife.

Blankenship paid for ads that criticized McGraw's vote in a case involving a child molester. McGraw claims the ads were untrue and that they shouldn't have been aired.

His lawsuit names Blankenship and West Virginia Media Holdings, the company that owns WOWK-TV13 as well as stations in Wheeling, Clarksburg and Ghent.

The suit also names former Democratic Party Chairman George Carenbauer, whom the lawsuit contends was the organizer of the campaign against McGraw.

West Virginia Media chairman Bray Cary said there was no reason for McGraw to single out his company.

"We ran the same ads that every other television station in West Virginia ran," Cary was quoted as saying in a story on the WOWK Web site.

West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse director Bill Bissett said the libel suit is predictable, although he acknowledged he had not had an opportunity to read it.

"The voters spoke loudly during this election, and Justice McGraw lost by a significant amount," Bissett said.

"This lawsuit seems to suggest sour grapes with the outcome. These types of personal injury lawyers -- their first response seems to always be to sue someone. That's what they've done."

Blankenship and Carenbauer were not available for comment. Blankenship spent an estimated $3.5 million of his own money against McGraw.

Advertisements by the Blankenship-funded group, And for the Sake of the Kids, contended that McGraw and a majority of justices voted to reverse a circuit judge's decision that would have sent a convicted sexual offender to jail for 15 to 35 years because of parole violations that included drinking and alcohol offenses.

The alternate probation plan would have made the man a janitor in a high school. The plan wound up not being implemented.

The advertisements alleged that McGraw's vote was evidence that he is a "radical" who is "soft on crime." He was defeated Nov. 2 by Charleston lawyer Brent Benjamin.

"There was absolutely no truth to that," Neely said.

"This was a case about a man who had been victimized as a child. He was indeed someone who, over nine years before this case, had been decided, had assaulted his half brother. He was 15 years old, and the issue before the court was whether a kid who had smoked marijuana and drank liquor should be sent to Mount Olive for 35 years.

"The inference from the advertisement is absolutely wrong, and it was maliciously published with an evil, wicked intent to destroy Justice McGraw."

Contact writer Brad McElhinny at 348-4872.


Warren would have won the election if it was not for the lies and distortions of the evil, corrupted Republican party. Don Blankenship and Brent Benjamin will be punished for his crimes. Modern America will see to it.

More coverage:

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

One-issue voting. A problem that needs correction, not destruction.

There is a crisis in America that is getting worse with every passing election. This is a problem that gets growing concern due to its catastrophic effects. The problem is “one-issue voters”. These voters are people whom do not understand the responsibilities of a voting citizen in the most powerful country of the modern world. It is not to simply ‘just vote’, but to vote with the best intentions of the nation’s future in mind based on the reasoning of research, observation, investigation, common sense, and facts.

Recently the voting citizens of the great USA have been voting for the President based on single issues that not necessarily affect them, but is something they just believe in and supposedly share with the candidate. More commonly these issues are moral-based that are against their religious beliefs. These issues are most often abortion, gun rights and homosexuality, but, can be illegal and legal drug use.

Now think hard about this, but how often does a President, during his term, make decisions that are based on those issues? Zero, once, twice, ten? Now, how often does he make decisions based on foreign relations, economics, health care, education, fiscal responsibility, immigration, national security and preserving the trust and integrity of the leading nation of the free world? I am confidant that the first question is miniscule compared to the proceeding lineup of presidential decisions.

These ‘one-issue’ voters are "generally" politically unaware and uninformed, as well as largely uneducated or less educated than the other voting types. This is primarily why they are a problem. They do not know exactly what they are doing when they vote and are easily persuaded. Therefore, a corrupted politician, such as George W. Bush can spend his wealth buying support, commercials and votes, then ‘fool’ these one-issue voters into believing that he is like them and with them. All a candidate has to do is announce that he too is against homosexuality, against abortions and is a Christian. Then, the largely supported Republican evangelists jump in to show their praise for the presidential candidate. Now, the campaign is not yet in the bag, one more accomplishment needs to be completed and the election is secured. He needs to demonize his opponent as much and often as possible. If truth cannot back up his claims he will resort to lies, and stand by those lies until the election is in his palms.

George W Bush claims to be a Christian and is fighting for the will of God. His Christian backers agree and stand by their reasoning. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, and respected 700 club televangelist, even insisted God supports George W. Bush and it is God’s will that he wins the election. That’s odd. Pat Robertson said the same thing when he was running for the Republican nominee for presidential candidate about a couple decades back. He also insisted that it is God’s will every Republican nominee win. Did God lie or did Robertson lie? God doesn’t lie, so you make a common sense decision there.

These one issue voters will stand by Bush and swear he is a devout Christian, but when asked what rendition of the Ten Commandments he preferred-Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish-Bush replied, “the standard one,” suggesting he had no clue that each religion recognizes different versions. Now, is this the holy, intelligent, Christian leader fit for the USA’s highest political office? The FACTS, which some have chosen to ignore, have proven that George Bush is not fit for leading America. He may or may not be a religious man, he is however ignorant, stubborn, and unfit for command. The sad thing is, his supporters do not realize this. They do not take the time to research into the lies he has told. They just listen to their conservative friends, FOX News, the 700 club, and many other televangelists and take their word for it.

I recently got into a heated discussion with my uncle and grandmother the other night which opened my eyes a little to the other side’s point of view. And that is exactly why I am writing this document. My uncle brought out a DVD referring to Bush’s religious beliefs. Faith In The White House, I believe it was titled. Anyway, my uncle asked me to watch this, I said yes but in return he must watch Fahrenheit 9/11. He said he would, even though it was all “lies“. That pretty much sparked our debate. I went into all the lies Bush has told, his cabinet and friends. I ended the informative speech with the popular saying, birds of a feather flock together. He responded, “Geez you sound like the guys at work.” Insisting I am a gullible, uneducated, anti-religion leftist. He insisted on Bush’s faith and where the bible stated that it is God’s will to have a Christian as governor (leader). I was not aware of that, so I asked him to show me this. He said he didn’t remember where it was, but will email me the verse when he finds it. He and my grandmother are the types who dwell on the past. How things use to be holy and sacred. They insist that as every year passes, we get more evil and forget God. Hmm, after he said the Christian governor comment it made me wonder why the religious fore fathers of America bluntly, plainly and boldly stated “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” Now, is it not a common belief, if not fact, that our fore fathers and ancestors where widely religious and Christian followers? A majority was. And therefore if they wanted to establish a national religion, they could have. But they didn’t. Why didn’t they? I would go into reasoning for that, but it would create a whole new article for publishing and discussion.

Now, after a few more moments of arguing back and forth I brought up Bush’s distant past of various sins and his recent past of lies. My uncle told me I dwelled on the past too much and didn’t understand that people can change. I of all people understand how people can change. My past is as stained as many others. I then said, “alright, lets forget his distant past and go to the last four years. The years of his presidential promises. The years of his Christian faith.” I pointed out the false pretense for war. A LIE. The withdrawal of environmental protection protocols and other treaties. His false claims of aiding America with his tax cuts and the misleading trickle effect. The LIES he told taking credit for Texas laws put in affect by Democrats. I said, “these are FACTS that you or no one can deny. They are there for the world to see.” Now here is the whopper. He said, “don’t listen to FACTS! Listen to faith.” My friends, if the supporters of Bush think like this, we are in grave trouble. I was speechless when he said that and eventually the discussion came to an end moments later.

A few hours passed and the “Faith not facts” statement was eating at my head, Relay called me and I couldn’t hold back what my uncle had said. I told Relay about the whole discussion. I made an analogy like this, “If I stick a loaded (shot)gun to my head and pull the trigger, FACTS tell me I will die. However, if I have FAITH, the bullets will not penetrate my skull. I choose FACTS.” My friends, I have faith in the goodwill of the American people. I have faith that moderate Democrats will prevail and take back our nation. I have faith that people will see the mistake in electing George Bush and he will not get away with his crimes.

Others may set aside enjoying their normal lives watching football, going to the movies, going to church, eating at McDonald‘s and watching FOX News nightly, not caring about finding the truth, but myself and Relay, as well as the entire Modern America organization, will not. We have dedicated our lives to fighting for a more perfect union, to establish justice, to ensure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense, to promote the general welfare and to secure the blessings of liberty. We will fight to take back the Democrat party and instate in the people’s minds that the Democrat party still is what it was in the past. We are the party of FDR and JFK. We have not left the people. We are just getting used and abused by outsiders trying to change the Democrat name. We are the party that fought valiantly for workers and black rights. We fight for the poor, hungry and disadvantaged. We fight for the little man. And because of all these factors other people who are considered “minorities” such as homosexuals, extreme naturalist and people of other religions have chosen to join our party for our reputation of aiding the little man. The corrupted Right has chosen to take advantage of this saying that we are wacky, crazy and evil. It’s all a lie. We are the party that won WW2, we are the party that established Social Security, Welfare, Medicare and so many more needed programs. The Democrat party has a HUGE list of achievements to support our greatness. The Republicans have a history mostly of rhetoric.

I am sorry if a reader disagrees with my statements, but they are how I feel, factual and in need of attention. This may seem primarily a two party system, but it is not in total. Do not claim to be a Democrat when you DO NOT have any of the Democrat beliefs and values. Register independent and claim a party that best fits you. Then vote Democrat if a Democratic nominee runs and your candidate didn’t make it. As long as the Democrat nominee seems more fit than his competitor, then you are not making a mistake. I say this because the Democrat party will make a comeback and revolutionize modern politics. Watch and wait.

How far has the Democrat party come? Have we evolved like the Fascist Conservatives claim? Are we the party of the antichrist? Tree hugging, baby killers? No. We are the party of acceptance, truth, hard work, peace and prosperity. We are the party of progressives. Republicans more and more are becoming the party of cement. Is it not true that the bible claims that the Antichrist will lie and claim to be holy? Claiming to be the almighty? Hmmm, so far it sounds like he will register Republican. They take advantage of the holy Christian beliefs and soil the name. People like George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Ken Lay, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’reilly and Pat Robertson will be held accountable for the lies, distortions and fraud they commit.

One issue-voters are the perfect target for the Republican party. Easy manipulated, not involved, closed minded, and stubborn. Now these are not necessarily evil qualities, but characteristics that need improvement. Modern America will dedicate time getting the truth out. Along with our affiliates, we shall provide the zipper to the Fascist Conservative cloak. Greedy CEOs, warmongering military nut jobs, and fascist televangelists shall not get away with destroying our government. I repeat this over and over to install the promise in memory.

Tomorrow normally isn’t far away, but when tomorrow never makes it, then it will be to late to voice your opinions and change the world for the better. Moderate Republicans and Democrats need to work together to change the spiral downfall of America. Place aside the immature Fascist Conservative crying and lies, stand up like honest men and women and effectively solve the world’s problems. The path America has chosen is a brittle, old bridge dangling high above destruction. We must carefully dodge the loose boards and holes to successfully reunite on the other side. Then and only then can we make a fresh start to rebuild our honor and dignity as the greatest nation to ever be.

Excuse the grammar errors please.

Firefighter from WTC attack killed in Iraq.

NEW YORK (AP) -- A New York City firefighter who had responded to the World Trade Center attack was killed in Iraq while serving with the Army National Guard, city officials said.

CNN Report

This is just horrible. Not only did he have to go through the horror and tragedy of 9/11, witnessing civilians and his fellow fire fighters suffering and dying, he went to a war based on lies where he died unjustly. How many thousands have to die before we say enough is enough. Bush, get your head straight or be punished.

Local Politics

The Republican party has stooped to another low recently. Last Sunday Relay and myself had a meeting with a county delegate, while discussing the future of our county and organizations, he showed us a letter that the state chairman of the Republican party had sent him. Once I get a copy of it I will try to make it available to the public, but it was basically a threat and a complete spread of lies. It claimed that all Democrat elects should switch to the Republican party before they get anihilated and lose their jobs. It claimed that Democrats only come close to winning when we run on Republican beliefs. Appearantly they are forgetting we have existed before the 2004 election. The letter also threatened to destroy Democrats in the upcoming 2006, 2008, 2010 elections. It ended with a quote, "hang ten or the Republican revolution will hang you".
My friends, it was Kris Warner who sent this message out. Contact info will be posted soon.

BTW, Relay, did the copies get made?

Tis Suspicious Times In The House of Bush.

"WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, who introduced the nation to color-coded terrorist alerts and oversaw the largest government reorganization since World War II, has become the seventh member of President Bush's Cabinet to announce his resignation. "
-- Google News.

I am wondering what exactly is going on here. I would hope to think that these people are leaving because they have come to the realization of the horror of the Bush administration, but my gut feeling is telling me that that is not the case. Is it some new horrible corporate take over? Was Bush's first term just a horrid disguise to cover up the onslaught of his second coming? Are all these officials leaving a sign? Do they know something we don't? You know, like when a rat knows a ship is about to sink, or when birds fly away before a storm hits or before winter comes.

Should I be worrying myself? Only time will tell.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


I don't even know what to say about this. I can sit and think of all the cons of this idea.
I just read this 2 minutes ago and quickly became against this idea, so my following statements haven't been though through fully. I am just acting off natural reaction and first instinct.

First, can you imagine the amount of people that will partake in this action? Alot will. This is just another Texan trying to get rich without thinking about the environment. If you are gonna hunt atleast get the real experience. Even if you have to go in an all-terrain wheelchair. Geez.

Thousands of animals killed for amusement, not food or sport. Money flying into Texans pockets because they are greedy. Geez these people force me to be more Liberal than I wish.

I think I will do the same thing, but randomly set these "machine" guns around in the vacinity of Texas Republicans so people can shoot them, then ditch the camera and evidence.

I dunno. I gotta delete this post later. Lets just see how and what this develops into.
In the meantime , be thinking of pros and cons for this concept. Maybe we should set these guns up along the border to shoot trespassers. Yeah right. That is a total Republican Idea.

I am sleepy so I get unprofessional without sleep and acting on sudden emotion.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


What will happen?

So, what happened? Why did the results turn out the way they did? It is obvious to us Democrats who think for ourselves. People like Rush Limbaugh are on the attack spinning this every way except straight. More on this when I get the time and am in the mood.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

You Decide

I received this email and was a little thrown off by it. You see, I have an alternate email addy I use to sign up with wacko right webistes such as Rush Limbauh or whatever, but I never expected this to arruve in the inbox or junk box. Take a peek for yourself and decide what is behind it.

"A week ago, we sent you an email asking for help debunking anti-Bush

documents.  After receiving hundreds of responses, it become clear that

all the documents were actually real: the Bush/Cheney DUIs, the Ken Lay
letters, and even the bin Laden memo. For more information visit the
documents page:

We also received hundreds of emails from concerned bloggers that
eloquently expressed the problems with the Bush administration. And as
we traveled across America campaigning for Bush, we learned more than
we wanted to know about Bush's policies. We came to see that this
administration is a catastrophe for most people.

As a result, we are abandoning our support of Bush and officially
endorsing John Kerry for President. You can read more at the Yes Bush
Can web site:
We deeply regret our misguided support and apologize for our previous
email. This will be the last email we will send directly to bloggers.
If you want to join us in supporting Kerry, you can find out more here:

Thank you for your understanding,

Yes Bush Can"

It is nice to see people discovering the truth.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Not done yet.
I didn't pay much attention to the actual document I posted below, but after further investigation, I realized that the halt on the broadcast is just a false response aimed at 'pleasing' the protestors. The new program that will be aired in it's place still covers clips (if not complete scenes) of the anti-kerry documentary. This is not acceptable.

By the way, new reports show bush is de-evolving:

Because Blood Is Thinner Than Oil, And Whoppers Are Juicy.

Bush Relatives For Kerry
Quite humorous and worth thinking about. If your own blood doesn't support you, then you know ya gotta play dirty. Also check out the links section.

Also, You don't get my whopper
Basically, Burger King decided to pull its commercials from Sinclair's biased programming stations. I am betting that other companies did the same. According to the article, the documentary has been dropped from being aired and will be replaced, proving that we do have the power to make a difference. So how do you stand up to big companies? Boycott them. They get very scared when they see their stock prices falling.

"Sinclair on Tuesday backed away from airing a documentary critical of Kerry's Vietnam War-era record, but said it would show portions of that film in a special program that discusses allegations he betrayed fellow veterans with his antiwar activities."

"In response to the controversy, Sinclair said on Tuesday it would not air the entire documentary "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal," which accuses Kerry, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, of betraying fellow Vietnam veterans by testifying more than 30 years ago against the war and about atrocities he said were committed by U.S. forces."

"Sinclair shares fell nearly 17 percent after the controversy began earlier this month, with investors concerned about a potential advertising boycott or legal threat.

After Sinclair clarified its broadcast plans, the stock rose 12.6 percent on Wednesday to close at $7.05 on the Nasdaq."

So, research and find all the campaign contributors for Bush, and if you have any involvement in their stock, products and whatnot, change that. Stop buying their products, tell your friends to aswell, whatever it takes. Here's the top contributors of 2004.

Morgan Stanley


Merrill Lynch




UBS Americas


Goldman Sachs




Credit Suisse First Boston


Lehman Brothers


Citigroup Inc


Bear Stearns


Ernst & Young


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu


Wachovia Corp


US Government


Ameriquest Capital


Blank Rome LLP


Bank of America


JP Morgan Chase & Co


Microsoft Corp


Southern Co


Monday, October 18, 2004

Pat Robertson, a sinful whore?

This morning on the 700 club Pat Robertson said, and I quote, "I got laid last week."
Pat Robertson has finally admitted that he is a tyrant under Satan's control. This is shocking, horrible and true! Ladies and gentlemen, viewers of the #1 watched cable news program, fans of the truth, witnesses of 'fair and balanced' programming ... today we watch as the leader of the Christian Coalition falls on his face. He, like many past religious leaders, finally get caught up in their life of lies.

*** Take it easy people, I was just practicing my FAUX NEWS spin and distortion tactics. ***
The truth is, Pat Robertson did say,"I got laid last week", but he was referring to how young people talk about sex now days. The point is, after he said that, I was thinking what if FOX NEWS was a Democrat/Liberal news source? They would have taken that line and sent it into a traumatic spin through the air waves and cyber space. Much like what I did above. Ofcourse, they probably would have been a little more sly and effective.

BTW, Rush Limbaugh is upset that Bush didn't get the Nobel Peace Price. Can you believe that? Sheesh

John Stewart's Attack On Spin.

I would post it on Modern America, but the transcript is a little large. Anywho read it if you didn't watch it. It's great.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

On a site I think was called 'Yes Bush Can' a movement has began to get all the bloggers registered with the RNC/Bush '04 campaign to look for ways to prove that documents which could damage George W. Bush's reputation are misleading and fake. I'm sure they will point out that a comma used inappropriately shows that falsified documentation has taken place. One of the docs in question is a personal note to Ken Lay from George W. Bush. Others were DUI records among other things.

EDIT: Here is the site, ofcourse the URL would be 'falsdocs'.

Now, I am not one who exploits people's personal past, God knows my criminal/law run-in history is probably worse than Bush's. I know people make mistakes and can learn and change from them. But when your good friend is Ken Lay, and there is evidence that he scammed many, many people and caused millions of dollars in damge due to his and friends corrupted business methods, then walks due to Presidental pressure and aide, then that is something that should be investigated. Does this current administration's lies seem too 'movie conspiracy theory' to believe? Is that why they get away so easily?

"© Copyright 2004 Yes Bush Can | Yes Bush Can is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to re-electing George Bush and Dick Cheney."

WTF? Nonpartisan? You have got to be kidding me. First of all it is called "yesbushcan". Second, it says, "It must be fake: This is clearly a liberal media snow job on these poor girls." They are so partisan that they would go as far as to even protect the drunken hoes of the Bush family even when so much exposure of the daughters prove their public mischeivious acts.

I hate groups like this that claim to be nonpartisan or fair and balanced when they are not. Atleast Democrats and Liberals admit their sides. We don't hide behind stupid organization names. I mean come on, "yesbushcan" is nonpartisan?

Friday, October 15, 2004

Near or far, big or small, republican leaders are the same.

October 15, 2004
Massey CEO gives $1.7 million to anti-Warren McGraw group

By Toby Coleman
Staff writer

Don Blankenship, the chief executive officer of Massey Energy Co., said Thursday that he has given $1.7 million to a group that wants to oust state Supreme Court Justice Warren McGraw.

The group, called And for the Sake of the Kids, has spent $2.4 million on a series of ads calling McGraw soft on crime for voting to give convicted sex offender Tony D. Arbaugh Jr. another chance at probation.

In a written statement issued by the group, Blankenship said he is financing the group because “without a change in the Supreme Court, businesses will continue to avoid West Virginia” and the state’s “job shortage” will continue. He did not mention the Arbaugh case.

McGraw’s campaign said Blankenship’s involvement with the group proves that out-of-state businesses are trying to manipulate the election and take control of the high court.

“We have said all along that special interests are trying to buy this election in a bid to tell West Virginians how to vote and to deny them the right to elect their own judges,” McGraw campaign manager Andy Gallagher said in a written statement.

The campaign of McGraw’s Republican challenger, Brent Benjamin, said Blankenship’s huge contributions would not sway Benjamin’s decision if he were elected.

“Brent Benjamin has been very clear that when he is on the Supreme Court, justice will not be for sale,” said campaign spokesman Steve Cohen. “He is running to bring an end to special interest justice on the Supreme Court.”

This year, special interest groups have spent far more than any of the candidates for the 12-year Supreme Court seat up for grabs.

Ads hammering McGraw from groups like And for the Sake of the Kids have been countered by an organization funded by plaintiff’s lawyers called West Virginia Consumers for Justice.

The group, which has spent more than $1 million so far this year, has spent $500,000 in recent weeks to run ads painting Benjamin as a puppet of big business who is lying about McGraw’s record. Benjamin denies those accusations.

Charleston attorney Tim Bailey, a spokesman for the organization’s biggest backer, Consumer Attorneys of West Virginia, said the more than $900,000 his group has spent on the effort was money “given by West Virginians in the interest of protecting West Virginians.”

“For all of the accusations that fly around about trial lawyers trying to buy a seat on the Supreme Court, I think that the trail of money makes it very clear who is trying to buy the court, and that is fat cat Don Blankenship,” Bailey said.

Blankenship, the CEO of Richmond-based Massey since 1992, received $6 million in compensation last year, according to an analysis by the Sunday Gazette-Mail. Under his leadership, the company’s mining subsidiaries have been citied repeatedly for dumping coal waste into streams and violating other environmental laws.

His company is fighting a number of lawsuits that could end up in front of the Supreme Court in the next few years, including workers’ compensation claims, multimillion-dollar jury verdicts and a massive class-action suit accusing of using mining practices that add to Southern West Virginia’s flooding problems.

In a written statement issued by And for the Sake of the Kids, Blankenship said he sees his donations to the group as an attempt to make the state a better place to live.

“Today most children growing up in West Virginia accept the fact that there is no future for them here,” he said. “My own son, who is a student at Marshall University, today will face that same challenge. All of us should do what we can to make West Virginia a state where all of our kids can have a bright future.”

He also compared his political giving to a charitable enterprise.

“Over the years, I and the companies for which I worked have donated millions to West Virginia charities,” he said. “However, I decided this summer that the most productive donation I could make to my fellow West Virginians was to help defeat Warren McGraw.”

The reason: “Warren votes almost every time for plaintiffs and against job providers — unless the Charleston Gazette is the defendant.”

Blankenship has been able to give so much money to And for the Sake of the Kids because it is organized as an independent political organization. These groups are frequently called 527s, after the section of the federal tax code under which they are established.

In all, the group collected $2.5 million from 12 donors between Aug. 20 and Sept. 30. Most of the donors are executives in coal operations, like Jenmar Corp. in Pennsylvania and Nelson Brothers in Alabama.

The group also received $745,000 from Doctors for Justice, a Wheeling group that fears McGraw will strike down medical malpractice liability caps, and $1,000 from Raleigh County coal operator Tracy Hylton, the man whom McGraw defeated in 1972 to win a seat in the state Senate.

After the election, Blankenship said, he will start a foundation also called And for the Sake of the Kids to “provide needed clothing and other necessities to the most needy children of West Virginia.” He said that he intends to help the foundation raise an amount “similar” to $1.7 million in the coming years.

To contact staff writer Toby Coleman, use e-mail or call 348-5156.

Article can be found at:

Massey Energy is the company that brings Rush Limbaugh to the local 106.7 radio station. It seems that big time corrupt politics are making their way to lil' WV. Now, I know corruption has always played a role in politics of every state, but now 'Big Business' interests are persuading votes and actions. Take note to this section:

Blankenship, the CEO of Richmond-based Massey since 1992, received $6 million in compensation last year, according to an analysis by the Sunday Gazette-Mail. Under his leadership, the company’s mining subsidiaries have been citied repeatedly for dumping coal waste into streams and violating other environmental laws.

His company is fighting a number of lawsuits that could end up in front of the Supreme Court in the next few years, including workers’ compensation claims, multimillion-dollar jury verdicts and a massive class-action suit accusing of using mining practices that add to Southern West Virginia’s flooding problems.

First of all, I am glad this has been brought to the attention of the Gazette readers for further investigation. The Charleston Gazette may seem a little bias, which it is, bias in favor of truth. Democrats are the truth and republicans are the lies. Atleast it is here and in the main front of the nation. Secondly, the money being spent on these ads is a tremendous amount in my opinion, and you can see that the Republicans are spending way more the the Democrats. If Blankenship really gave two craps about 'the children' he'd donate 2 million in helping the needy. But, nah, he's the sterotypical repub. He'd rather use his money for self-interests.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Local Politics

October 14, 2004

FOR THIS year’s primary election, West Virginia’s political registration stood at 655,646 Democrats and 321,586 Republicans, plus independents and third-party adherents. That’s a more than 2-to-1 Democratic advantage.

For the general election three weeks away, strong feelings of this crucial campaign are swelling registration, but the 2-to-1 edge probably will hold.

Yet current polls show Republican George W. Bush slightly leading the neck-and-neck presidential race in the Mountain State. Obviously, vast numbers of West Virginia Democrats intend to turn against their party again and support the opposing candidate, as they did in 2000.

Why is it happening? Why is our state veering toward the much-discussed red, or “retro,” bloc of states? The biggest reason, I think, is oversimplistic, one-issue misperceptions.

For example, many West Virginia gun-lovers claim that a Democratic victory might threaten hunting weapons. But this is erroneous. Gun-control efforts focus on criminal guns — snub-nosed stickup pistols and rapid-fire assault weapons favored by druglords — not the rifles and shotguns of hunters. Election of Democrat John Kerry wouldn’t affect sporting guns.

A bigger simplification involves fundamentalists who embrace Bush because he underwent an emotional religious conversion after years of heavy drinking. One such Kanawha County Democrat told reporter Eric Eyre that she’ll vote for Bush because he’s “a fundamental basic Christian” who opposes abortion and gay marriage. Her view echoes thousands in West Virginia.

For example, a group called the Coalition of Pro-Family West Virginians is flooding conservative churches with a “2004 Election Voter Guide” saying: (1) Bush wants school prayer and often “asks God to bless America,” but Kerry doesn’t; (2) Bush will appoint judges “who believe our rights are derived from God,” but Kerry won’t; (3) Bush supports the Boy Scouts for “not allowing homosexual scout leaders,” but Kerry doesn’t, etc.

West Virginians for Life, which claims to have 250,000 Mountain State members, endorsed Bush, saying he will appoint anti-abortion judges and will strive to curtail women’s right to choose abortion.

All this antipathy to gays and abortion, expressed in the name of religion, actually contradicts the very heart of Christianity. Jesus said nothing about gays or women’s right to choose. Instead, he advocated peace, compassion for underdogs, and religious privacy — values opposite those of the administration in Washington.

Jesus said to care for the poor — but Bush demanded enormous tax giveaways to the wealthy. Jesus said, “blessed are the peacemakers” — but Bush insisted on invading Iraq, an attack his clique had planned even before he gained office and before the 9/11 terrorist tragedy.

Jesus told his followers to pray alone in secret — but the White House backs public, government-sponsored displays of piety. Jesus opposed the death penalty, saying that only the sinless should cast the first stone — but Bush presided over a record-breaking 152 executions as Texas governor, and mocked pleas of the condemned.

Values that Jesus stood for are mostly opposite the president’s — yet fundamentalists adore Bush as their hero. It’s baffling that they embrace a warmonger who favors the rich. Nonetheless, GOP strategists do their utmost to milk votes from this church group.

Speaking at West Virginia State University Sunday, former Gov. Gaston Caperton urged Democratic campaign volunteers to try to counter the Republican support flowing from such churches. He told the volunteers to remind voters that Democrats support raising the minimum wage, providing health care and other compassionate concern for little people. In short, he said, Kerry’s values are closer to the Bible than Bush’s are.

Last month, leaders of a West Virginia Democratic women’s group called Drema Dems urged voters to “not be sidetracked by the three Gs — God, guns and gays.”

Wednesday’s New York Times contained a long analysis implying that Bible Belt churches and the gun lobby may be decisive factors on Election Day in West Virginia. It quoted Beckley insurance agent Bill Miller, a board member of the National Rifle Association, as saying of Democrats: “Next, they will try to ban my hunting rifle.” The Times added that “fliers distributed in church parking lots say Mr. Kerry favors ‘anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-family’ judges, same-sex marriage and abortion.” Those allegations are grotesquely distorted — but they show the intensity of the fundamentalist effort.

Thousands of Mountain State Democrats remain committed to the progressive, humanitarian values of their party, and aren’t sidetracked by these emotional issues. If they stand firm when the showdown arrives Nov. 2, they can outweigh the one-issue groups.

However, it’s a sad fact that great numbers of registered West Virginia Democrats don’t bother to vote. Fewer than half of them turned out for this year’s primary election. In the 2000 general election, total turnout was only 60 percent of all registered West Virginians of all parties.

If too many mainstream Democrats stay home on Nov. 2, highly mobilized gun-lovers and fundamentalists within the party may deliver West Virginia’s five electoral votes to Bush again. That would be a dismal mark on the state’s identity, I think.

Therefore, every standard West Virginia Democrat should feel a supreme urgency to get to the polls in this crucial election.

Haught, the Gazette’s editor, can be reached by phone at 348-5199 or e-mail at

Article can be found at:

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


First of all, Gaston Caperton uses some of the conservative's crutches against them.
Go Gaston.
Secondly, while I was on my hour and a half drive to work today I was listening to Rush Limbaugh (as I sometimes do), and heard Rush say that Kerry's favorite word is "but". And that but is a qualifer for an antonym. He played a sound clip of Kerry's reacurring words right after he told his listeners that when Kerry says, "but" ignore everything he had said before it because that idea is about to change. He was trying his hand at ridiculing Kerry by saying (non)humorous statements similar to, "I am gonna fight for America, but I will seek global permission." Or "I have always approved this war, but I think it is wrong." Crap like that.
I tried to find a transcript of the show, but was unsuccessful. We all say 'but' and I am sure that fat bastard does aswell.

Also, check out this crap:

"NEW! Rush's Kerry vs Kerry Screensaver: Find out John Kerry's positions both for and against Iraq, gay marriage, national security, and more in Rush's eye-popping new screensaver package. You'll also receive hilarious wallpaper images of the French-looking Democrat candidate. "

Normally I wouldn't reprint this kind of b.s., but I feel this is so stupid it deserves humiliation. This was taken from Rush "the OC addict" Limbaugh's website. Does anyone else see the disrespect and childish actions in this? Not only does he disrespect Senator John Kerry, but the entire French nation. Who the f*ck do these Republicans think they are? One day they will regret their actions. Atleast I hope so.
Also, FOX NEWS aired an ad over th EIB brodcast. Geez, I am tired of talking and hearing about FOX. I wish America wasn't so dumb.

And ofcourse I am sure you all have heard about the anti-kerry documentary coming out. And as Relay has pointed out, 9/11 should be used to equalize the effect(and many, many more new documentories). I want to see every Democrat HQ showing Farhenheit 9/11 to members and local citizens. I would love to see the local theater cinemas providing free playings of the film aswell. If Moore would agree to it, I am sure it would bring in popcorn revenue for the theaters. But get real. They ain't gonna do it.

And finally...
Relay and I will be contacting the local papers about getting the truth out. We will try to see if they are fair enough to print a truth column about Kerry everyday until the election. If worse comes to worse, I may purchase some space like advertisment. Hmm, 3 weeks of space is...?

Blah, more to come on that later,

Monday, October 11, 2004

Test of Wills

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, calling the Iraq war a "test of wills with insurgents", has told Iraqi security forces protecting their nation's sovereignty is their duty. Well, isn't it our duty to protect our nation's honor and sovereignty? To keep our government legitimate? I think so.

I do not want to attack religion, a big part being that I was raised pentacostal and still have some faith and respect for the idea, but the more I think about the idiots who are voting for George Bush because of a religious issue, or because God told them to, or because Pat Robertson said it is a sin not to; the more I doubt their intelligence and what they believe in. The bad thing is that this is a domino effect to me, but that is a personal issue I will not go into.

This is a test of wills for us Democrats. We are being cornered and attacked from every angle possible. This is a time when Democrats are being belittled and thought of as ancient.
Lord Relay and I were discussing this the other day and it seems that Republicans are the new "Democrats". Meaning that it is now hip or kewl to be a Republican, especially in a state primarily controlled by Liberals or Democrats. These new idiots think they are bing rebels or something. Trying to stand out and be different, but to me it seems like they are just placing their beliefs aside for fame, popularity or prosperity. So... atleast we know they haven't changed.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Afghanistan voting fraud?

Reports say that there is a large possibility of voting fraud in Afghanistan. They say the thumb printing and other minor voter identification steps taken were very minimal in preventing such frauds as double voting.

Figures. I mean, this is a Bush created regime. What else did you expect? They are mimicing the 2000 election. Sheesh.
Also, FOX news is showing some crap about how Dubya is back from his beat down. Whatever.

Freaking hilarious!!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Look at my grinch grin.

I dunno, maybe it is just my advanced thought process(or not), but President Bush seems like a child because he smirks every time he says something he thinks is "kewl". I dunno.
President Bush brings up the Dredd Scott case in a question about appointing a supreme court judge. Not really listening to him though. I'm sure it is just some crazy attempt to connect his ignorant ideas to a just historic cause.

Sarah Degginhart(spelling?)
Question to Sen. John Kerry
- Abortion not being funded by tax dollars.

Errr, basically Kerry is saying that he will not deny a person the funding for an abortion if they want it and can't afford it. I dunno about this answer. Many people may disapprove. But it doesn't matter. It still isn't as bad as killing over 12,000 innocent Iraqi civilians.

I'm sleepy. Goodnight.

"I own a timber company?"

"News to me."

[few seconds pause]

"Need some wood?"

You see, now this is a prime example of his incompetence. His ignorance is outstanding. He searches the midsts of his melon to pull out one lame joke... "need some wood?"

What the heck?

Debate two.

I had to work while the town hall debate went on, so I am forced to watch the 2nd debate the same way I viewed the V.P. debate; from a replay on fox news. Forgive me.

[Sloppy random rants below]

The President definately started off much better than the first occasion. He got off to a good start. However, on the question about Iran creating nukes shortly in the near future, when Dumb-ya got up to respond, I noticed a few people in the crowd smiling and giggling a dubya's dumb one liners. Is this proof the audience was planted? If I was a neo conservative, I would say so... if the tables were turned.


The President showed his aggressive, Texas, shut-the-f#$* up behavior when he interrupted the moderator, Charles Gibson.


I just don't understand how America is so stupid. Wait, I do. But still, I wish they wasn't. Noone has asked the President his concrete policy on preserving our natural resources. Keeping them pure, safe and abundant.


He is no environmentalist. The President says he is proposing a plan to cut deisel pollution or something. I dunno, he wasn't really clear. He says "lousy federal policy" allows trees/forests to be destroyed and kept unharvested or something. He is stupid.

Now he is a bastard. He is bringing up clean coal issues. He is now stomping on my ground. Don't "tread on me" Dubya.

Kerry is socking it to him. Bringing up the fact about global warming retractions.

Senator Kerry even sits more properly. That alone leaves a positive impression on the mind.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Post To Southern Appeal

Ann Coulter (and many other False-Conservatives) claim that annoying the Liberals/Democrats is a good move to make in debating and shutting them down. Well, I am gonna give them a taste of their own medicine. For decades, we Democrats have been the mature ones. Staying aside from childish arguing and name calling. Since the George Bush administration, the childish politics and campaigning has really kicked it in high gear. Follow along as I irritate the Right with witty and tactful rhetoric. Muhahahahah. Okay here is my first attempt. It's not the greatest, but hey I am a beginner.

"You know what. The more you guys try to be like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Bill O'reilly; the more you piss me off. You are nothing more than a true Dixiecrat+Refaglican. Not just from the south, but a fat, racist, prejudice, lying bastard.

I know why you Conservatives lie so much. It is because you are a dying breed. In the next 15-20 years you will have no control. Not even over a PTA meeting. You all are struggling, screaming, crying to stay alive. To keep your greedy views breathing and spreading, you must win this election and manipulate stupid America to save your arse. The truth is, and anyone who has common sense can see it, that George Bush is an awful President. He'd be on vacation right now if Cheney would let him.

When John Kerry becomes the incumbent of '04, I am gonna ask you a very important question. Your answer will determine how your life spins or straightens out.

No matter how much money you people have over us, you will not and cannot oppress us. Democrats... Liberals... Freedom Fighters, whatever you want to call us, we will win. Your manipulating rhetoric can only work on the ignorant and senile. The aging youth of today understands the importance of education and can see through your lies.

Here we come."
-- Professor X

Welcome To Modern America

Hello folks. Welcome to the new blog based on common sense politics. While the majority of my entries will be political, i'll also cover random rants and other thoughts that happen to come outta my head.

First of all, for the first entry of my "Weekly Truth" column, I feel compelled to publish a list of idiots/corrupt beings/greedy scumbags/power hungry chimps/evil-scheming pigs.

This list is in random order:
George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Sean Hannity
Rush Limbaugh
Bill o'reilly
Ann Coulter
Donald Rumsfeld
Condoleeza Rice
Paul Wolfowitz

Okay, now with that out of the way, lets cover why I felt compelled to make such a list. Easy. Every person on that list never listens to other people's opinions. They are stubborn, evil, corrupted and liars. They manipulate and brainwash many people for their own greedy, evil intentions. It's not only that, it is the fact that they hide behind the christian title and then perform their satanist errands.

The old sterotype is true, Democrats are for the little man, while Republicans are for the rich, white, fat-cats. There is so much truth in that it is scary.

Okay, before I go any further I will introduce myself a little. I am a 21 year old student, who is a customer service representative (CSR) for a major satellite television programming provider. I major in Political Science at a local University (2nd school attended). I'm a registered Democrat and volunteer in my state... and a fair and balanced moderator.