Monday, October 11, 2004

Test of Wills

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, calling the Iraq war a "test of wills with insurgents", has told Iraqi security forces protecting their nation's sovereignty is their duty. Well, isn't it our duty to protect our nation's honor and sovereignty? To keep our government legitimate? I think so.

I do not want to attack religion, a big part being that I was raised pentacostal and still have some faith and respect for the idea, but the more I think about the idiots who are voting for George Bush because of a religious issue, or because God told them to, or because Pat Robertson said it is a sin not to; the more I doubt their intelligence and what they believe in. The bad thing is that this is a domino effect to me, but that is a personal issue I will not go into.

This is a test of wills for us Democrats. We are being cornered and attacked from every angle possible. This is a time when Democrats are being belittled and thought of as ancient.
Lord Relay and I were discussing this the other day and it seems that Republicans are the new "Democrats". Meaning that it is now hip or kewl to be a Republican, especially in a state primarily controlled by Liberals or Democrats. These new idiots think they are bing rebels or something. Trying to stand out and be different, but to me it seems like they are just placing their beliefs aside for fame, popularity or prosperity. So... atleast we know they haven't changed.

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