Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Questions to Republicans and others who support "acting" President, George W. Bush.

1. What are the fundamental reasons for you supporting George W. Bush?

2. Do you feel George W. Bush has made any mistakes, critical or uncritical, pertaining to his leadership and accountability?

3. How do you feel about the French and the United Nations?

4. What is your major source of news? Be honest now.

5. Did you also support Nixon, Reagan and George H. W. Bush?

6. Do you ever mourn the loss of another life which is unrelated to you?

7. Do you understand what the United States Constitution is and why it was established?

8. Do you understand what the Bill of Rights are and what they were established?

9. If you are a registered Republican, why did you register under that party?

10. Is it possible that you misunderstand many important issues relating to the reason why you support George W. Bush?

For those of you who partake in this questionnaire please be honest with us and yourselves. The reason for this document is for others and myself to clear up any confusion that may be blocking progression of party cooperation.

If you want to be honest with us but are scared of getting attacked, harrassed or what not from Republican friends, feel free to email us your answers at modernamerica@gmail.com

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