Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Deep Throat Was Not Gray Fox???

Google News

After 33 years, Deep Throat, the man who brought down Nixon, confesses all

Julian Borger in Washington
Wednesday June 1, 2005
The Guardian

As it turns out, the greatest secret in American political history was blown a long time ago by an eight-year old boy at summer camp on Long Island.

Deep Throat, the boy boasted to his friend, was Mark Felt, the number two at the FBI at the time of the Watergate scandal. That boy had some reason to know. He was Jacob Bernstein, the son of Carl Bernstein, who with Bob Woodward broke the Watergate story for the Washington Post. Deep Throat was Mr Woodward's secret source - and therefore the man who helped bring down President Richard Nixon.

FDA News Alert from May, 27th.

FDA News

May 27, 2005

Media Inquiries:Brad Stone
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA Advises Consumers about Recalled Drugs from Able Laboratories

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking action to ensure that the public is fully aware that Able Laboratories of Cranbury, NJ, is conducting a nationwide recall of all of its manufactured drugs (mostly generic prescription drugs, including drugs containing acetaminophen) because of serious concerns that they were not produced according to quality assurance standards. Able Laboratories has ceased all current production.

Go to http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/NEWS/2005/NEW01182.html For more information.

Chop It Down.

While searching through random blogs I stumbled across this statement from some guy who works with the DNC or some local Democratic Organization. Since I hadn't heard Byrd say this before, I thought it was interesting.

Bryd condemned the Bush administration. "Send that dimestore cowboy back to Texas!" Standing ovation. He read a parable out of the bible. Somewhere in Corinthians. A man goes to a fig tree, and it bears no fruit. After three years, it still bears no fruit, and he chops the tree down. "Chop the tree down!" The old man is fiery as a preacher, energizing as a teamster and authoritative as a shaman. "Chop it down! Chop it down! Chop it down!"

Let's chop this tree down boys.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Soul of the Senate

The Documentary was awesome. Aside from the Country fiddling and bluegrass band, there was nearly an hour of guest speakers and introductions before the film was shown, but it all was great. While Rockefeller and Manchin was not able to show up in person due to the Japan trip, they did have a video comment that was played. Every speaker hit the nail on the head with their thanks, praises and comments of Senator Byrd. But before that, when Senator Byrd showed up in his balcony seating, he was greeted with a standing ovation and ecstatic applauds.

Everyone laughed, applauded, and cheered during the documentary. It invoked passion for his words and respect for his work. I can't describe it. I won't go into details what the documentary was about, you need to watch it to appreciate it to its fullest. I will be recording it tomorrow on PBS at 7p.m. and it will also air again on Tuesday (not sure what time, but probably the same). I will tell you that after seeing some of the parts, like Senator Ted Stevens' praises, you will get an emotional passion of support for Byrd. But the entire film does that as well. At the end Senator Byrd spoke to croud with deep emotions when discussing his wife, Erma. Healsocracked a few jokes to get the croud to laugh. Governor Underwood and Representative Rahall were on the receiving end of the witticisms.

And as we were exiting the doors of the Clay Center, they doormen and women were handing out printed copies of the United States' constitution. It was great.

BTW, I had been to the Clay Center before to see the light shows and to see the art museum, but this time I got to see more of it. It is a very beautiful building and is a good addition to the city of Charleston.

Byrd in '06

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Soul of the Senate.

Today the MA crew is heading to the capitol to see the documentary, "The Soul of the Senate". A film about Robert C. Byrd's life, achievements and everything in between.

The official website http://www.soulofthesenate.org/ has opened today, and I am sure it will get lots of visits.

I noticed a typo on the front page, so I contacted the webmaster to inform them of the error. Anywho, hope to see everyone there. Clay Center, Charleston, WV.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Greatest Party

An article in the Washington Post printed some very interesting statistics and statements about the Democratic and Republican Parties that made a Bush smirk wrinkle my face from ear to ear.

First, it talked about the labeling of the Democrats and Republicans as the “Mommy” and “Daddy” parties. I never thought about it that way, but it is a very nice analogy. I, and millions of other Americans, grew up in a household where my mother primarily played both roles as financial provider and housekeeper. And as the 21st century has it, females and mothers play a more predominant role in society.

First, think of the Republican Party as the irresponsible, drunken, perverted father type. He mainly screams and yells about kids, morals and the falling respect in society. Then he goes and wastes all his money on poker or something, watches a football game, has a beer, gets into a fight and loses his job. The next thing you know, you’re in debt to your neck and are losing the house. This is where “Mommy” or the Democratic Party steps in.

“Mommy” then has to go out and find a laborious job to make ends meet. She breaks her back all day “bringing home the bacon” then comes home to clean up the house and ensure that the kids are healthy, safe, and doing well in school. And over in the corner, is “Daddy” screaming and moaning about how it is “Mommy’s” fault he is such a mess.

Now, before you think I am blowing this analogy out of proportion, take a look at a summary of the statistics from the Economic Reports of 2005 and earlier. The party with the best record of serving the so called “Republican economic values” is the Democrats. The economic competition isn't even close. Democrats stomp the crap out of Republicans every year, by a huge margin.

Statistics back to 1959 make this clear. A consistent pattern over 45 years cannot be explained by shorter-term factors, such as war or who controls Congress. Republicans like to declare their incompetence by blaming the Majority Party of Democrats or blaming it on war. Maybe presidents can't affect the economy much, but the assumption that they can and do is so prominent in Republican rhetoric that they are stuck with it. So consider the following:

Federal spending (a.k.a. "big government"): It has gone up an average of about $50 billion a year under presidents of both parties. But that breaks down as $35 billion a year under Democratic presidents and $60 billion under Republicans. If you assume that it takes a year for a president's policies to take effect, Democrats have raised spending by $40 billion a year and Republicans by $55 billion.”

Wow, and Democrats are the ones destroying America with unnecessary government programs; thus wasting millions of dollars? Give me a break. All these so-called “intelligent” straight-shooters who talk the real talk need an open palm upside their head. Here are the facts (but then again, Republicans totally ignore facts), Don Surber, Hiram Lewis, Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter, George W. Bush, and every other fascist, neoconservative in America needs to come out and admit that they are really just greedy bastards who care more about money and possessions than progressing a nation and its people.

Leaning over backward even farther, let's start our measurement in 1981, the date when many Republicans believe that life as we know it began. The result: Democrats still have a better record at smaller government. Republican presidents added more government spending for each year they served, whether you credit them with the actual years they served or with the year that followed.”

Federal revenue (aka taxes): You can't take it away from them: Republicans do cut taxes. Or rather, tax revenue goes up under both parties but about half as fast under Republicans. It's the only test of Republican economics that the Republicans win.”

That is, they win if you consider lower federal revenue to be a victory. Sometimes Republicans say that cutting taxes will raise government revenue by stimulating the economy. And sometimes they say that lower revenue is good because it will lead (by some mysterious process) to lower spending.”

So basically, Republicans cut taxes, then we start getting a large debt building and they raise them again, burdening the citizens who unwittingly thought they didn’t have to manage their money as they did under Democrats.

The numbers in the Economic Report undermine both theories. Spending goes up faster under Republican presidents than under Democratic ones. And the economy grows faster under Democrats than Republicans. What grows faster under Republicans is debt. So, people may say that the President does not have any control over the economy, but these statistics show that they actually do have some influence. But then again, the Great Depression said that for us loud and clear.

Under Republican presidents since 1960, the federal deficit has averaged $131 billion a year. Under Democrats, that figure is $30 billion. In an average Republican year, the deficit has grown by $36 billion. In the average Democratic year it has shrunk by $25 billion. The national debt has gone up more than $200 billion a year under Republican presidents and less than $100 billion a year under Democrats.”

Wow, a $100 billion dollar difference in both the federal deficit and national debt. Wow, astonishing. The facts are right here for the world to see, and sadly the majority of Americans won’t take the time to read them. Well, as soon as we get a good ole Southern Democrat in office, we can start working on changing that sad fact. Education is priority.

As for measures of general prosperity, each president inherits the economy. What counts is what happens next. Let's take just two measures, although they all show the same thing: Democrats do better under every variation. From 1960 to 2005 the gross domestic product measured in year-2000 dollars rose an average of $165 billion a year under Republican presidents and $212 billon a year under Democrats. Measured from 1989, or measured with a one-year delay, or both, the results are similar. And how about this one? The average annual rise in real per capita income -- that's the statistic that puts money in your pocket. Democrats score about 30 percent higher.”

Again, what can I say? I mean, I knew this basic concept previously, but to see the statistics is just breath-taking. Basically, under Democrats, America produces more goods, more goods are consumed and the economy is vibrant. And not by just a small difference, this is $50 billion in difference. But not only that pleasure, under Democrats you make 30% more money! I guess it isn’t the reduced taxes, so it must be that jobs pay more under Democrats.

Democratic presidents have a better record on inflation (averaging 3.13 percent compared with 3.89 percent for Republicans) and on unemployment (5.33 percent versus 6.38 percent). Unemployment went down in the average Democratic year, up in the average Republican one.
Almost forgot: If you start in 1981 and if you factor in a year's delay, Republican presidents edge out Democratic ones on inflation, 4.57 to 4.36. Congratulations.

The top paragraph states that under Democrats, product prices only raise about 3.13 percent compared to 3.89 under Republicans. The bottom statement says that in one exception, Republicans beat us by .21 percent, but just wait until Bush’s complete 2004-2008 term is factored in. George Bush is going to send these statistics tumbling in the Democrats' favor.
Hey Republicans, what do you have to say about this? Let me guess, the statistics are flawed? They distorted data? Give me a break.

Has anyone else really paid attention to this...

Of all the screaming and crying that is going on over Byrd's upcoming campaign, the only ones really moaning about his KKK past are wealthy (well-to-do), white, male Republicans. Or White Republicans in general. I mean seriously, if he was such a horrible person, lynching people and burning crosses, there would be more blacks protesting his run. But it is not happening because everyone else knows that Byrd is a good, holy man. I am willing to bet my savings that Byrd has more black friends than all of Hannity, Coulter, Surber, Lott, DeLay, O'Reilly, Warner, Capito, and the rest combined.

They sicken me.

A Southern Democrat’s Manifesto.

I am concerned that my party is dying. It is not dying because people are changing their beliefs; it is dying because people think the party has left them. The founders and path layers of the Great Democratic Party would be enraged to see what has become of the "People's Party". But, rather than to abandoned this organization that has proven strong and worthy of praise through out the years, I will fight for it. I shall fight to restore the good name and ideology that it once upheld.

This great party once boasted dominance all across this great country and held strongholds through out every state. And now as we sit back and watch, we see it falling apart. Once proud Democrats now change their party affiliation. Once proud Democrats now vote for the opposition. Once proud Democrats have now given up on the party that has served them for so many years. Why is this happening? Why such betrayal? Plain and simple, it is because we have allowed it to happen.

The Libertarian Party and similar organizations are now the shadow of the Democratic Party. They are slowly fusing together to abolish the separate ideologies and unite them into one. And we have set back and allowed it. We Southern Democrats watched as the Northern Democrats merged with these radical thinkers in the name of fairness, love and equality. We have watched sin become acceptable through the entanglement of lies, distortions, technicalities, and "outside-the-box" thinking. We have allowed our party to be hi-jacked by Libertarian types, and we have done nothing to stop it.

The opposition of Republicans took notice to the turmoil we faced and exploited it. Instead of bi-partisan advice and assistance, they amplified the issue and turned many loyalists against us. They branded us as the party of abortion, the party of gays, the party of anti-religion, the party of sexual freedom, the party of moral corruption and decay. We are now the party of "wackos". But we are not.

I, and the majority of West Virginian Democrats do not share any of those ideas and I still declare myself a Democrat. Why? Well, all because someone starts calling an apple a watermelon does not make the switch true. West Virginia is a Democratic stronghold. We remember what the corrupt Republican CEOs have done to West Virginia. We remember the coal companies using and abusing us, then moving operations out to find cheaper labor; thus leaving us in an economic depression. We remember the Democratic Party forming unions to protect our workers and prevent further abuse. We still remember FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ and the policies they initiated. We remember the failed policies of Republicans which hurt our economy. We still remember what Arch Moore did to shame us. We have not forgotten what Enron has gotten away with. And we, as Democrats, still send a large percentage of our population to fight for Old Glory.

Speaking of Old Glory, Democrats are being called soft on foreign relations and military policies by Republicans. But going through history you see many of the military actions Democrats have taken part in. We won the Mexican-American war, we were the victors of WW1 and the party that took revenge upon Japan and Hitler during WW2. We are the party that engaged the great obstacle of Vietnam and we are the party that successfully resolved many conflicts like Kosovo, et. al. And we are soft? We hate the military? How many Republican CEOs send their kids to fight wars? How many working men and women and their children fight the wars of the rich? How may soldiers fight for the freedoms that Democrats love and protect? How many soldiers share the ideas of Traditional Democrats?

My fellow West Virginians, it may be a little too late to save New York and California, but not West Virginia. Glorious West Virginia and its wonderful people still understand what is important. And we are still Democrats. Don't let the Republican Party fool you with lies and deceits. Jesus said, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." If this is true, then should we place so much trust to anyone from the Republican Party? Those wealthy oil kings and billionaires? Those stock holders, investors, economy-gamblers, and con-artists? It is true that rich men and women are in both parties, but the Democratic Party is and always will be the "party of the people", not the rich.

I am telling everyone that we should not have to wear "Christian and a Democrat" stickers. Our party has been the "Party of the People" for many years. This means we reflect the values of the people. It is already set in stone that we are fighting for what is right. Do not be fooled into believing that God only supports the Republican Party. Senator Byrd said it best when he stated that to be a Christian you must show it through your actions, not wear it on your sleeve. And it seems that Republicans spit out that they are "Christians" at every news media available. These are not humble actions. The Republican Party is playing politics with Religion and the well-being of our nation. We must put a stop to it.

Our representatives and leaders are from working-class families and backgrounds, not Rich Corporate CEOs and oilmen. We do not pretend to be working men and women, farmers, coalminers, truckers and "ranchers", we are. Look at our leadership in West Virginia. We have honorable, good people serving us. Robert C. Byrd is a fine man. He loves God, his family and the state of West Virginia and its people more than most of us can imagine. He has dedicated his entire adulthood to doing what he thought was best for West Virginia. Whether it was a mistake or an excellent decision, he has never tried to hide his actions. He has repented when God guided him to and has stood firm on the guidance of God. Robert C. Byrd is a model for the entire world and those who disrespect him should be ashamed. If anyone has ever spoken to Senator Byrd, you would understand my praises of the man. And if Robert C. Byrd feels that he has more work to do, if he feels that he can not allow our nation to fall to the corruption of our opposition; then I will stand firmly behind him. I offer any support and service I can.

As we notice our own party falling apart, it may seem easier to just trade sides, but we can't. We must fight to take back our party. Many of our leaders seem to have it so wrong. They create committees and organizations that appeal to people who already vote for us. We have GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender) caucuses to appeal to those types of people. We have a Women's Caucus to appeal to women. We have a minority’s caucus to appeal to minorities. But we do not have a Christian caucus to appeal to Christians. Now, I don't like to play politics with religion, but if we want good, moral, capable leaders in office, and Democratic idealists at that, then we as Democrats HAVE to appeal to Christians! We have to get our votes back. Stop appealing to GLBT and appeal to God.

Our Senators, Delegates, Governors, Mayors, etc seem to have their priorities straight and their plans correct to win office. Now, we just need the Democratic Executive Committee, their various branches and the leadership of WV to realize the legislation that needs enacted to present a model for the nation. Our blueprint, which is still in the works, will be a guiding light to securing offices for years to come. If the State Party accepts it, then we are just one step away from aiding the National Party.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

This and That

Well, things seem to be really picking up pace in the projects/work section of our lives, but financial situations are prohibiting our progression. Tomorrow Randall Harris of the National Energy Technology Laboratory (Executive to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Technology Partnerships Working Group I believe) is suppose to meet with us to discuss some things. He will be in the Davy area to look around at the potention location for a broadband building project and to have a see at the Davy/Welch area in general. It would be nice to show him around and discuss some possible projects that McDowell can receive.

Govenor Joe Manchin is going to be travelling to Japan with a 19 assemblage. Not sure why everyone else is going, but Manchin has said that it is to build ties with the Japanese for possible future business relations and to show respect and gratitude for the business relations they already have. I just hope it isn't a wasted trip. Senator Rockefeller will be with them and he has good ties, so something should come from it.

Don Surber is an idiot as always, stating his fogged opinions and spreading his backwash around. But not to totally attack the guy, I will say he tries to be partially fair. But ignoring truth, common sense and gut feeling isn't helping him.

I need to write another article for Polstate, but have not been finding the time for serious research and news awareness lately. With the new projects under development and school coming up and all the stress of everyday life in The County, I am finding it very challenging just to move. I have so many things to do and am not sure what direction to step in first. Sheesh.

The trip to Charleston was not totally wasted. Aside from getting some disappointing news about friend relationships intertwined with adversaries and Dean not showing up, we made some good contacts and networks. It was a good day.

Now, to worry about tomorrow.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cutting the military to fight a war on out of control spending.

Recently the nation has received news that the Pentagon has called for the closure of 33 major military installations and the downsizing of hundreds of other facilities as it unveiled the nation's first base restructuring in 10 years. And West Virginia's 130th Airlift Wing has not been spared the misfortune of the cut-backs.

As the Charleston Daily Mail reported these cut-backs will affect many young college students who utilize the guard for higher education.

"In the Air National Guard, Senior Airman Danielle Massey and about 300 of her peers at the 130th Airlift Wing have found a way to express their patriotism while earning money for college. Massey, 19, of Nitro is enrolled at Marshall University, where she hopes to earn a degree in journalism. She also works in maintenance at the 130th's base adjacent to Yeager Airport."

The future for part-time Guard members remains uncertain after the Department of Defense placed the 130th on its base realignment and closure list in an attempt to cut billions in expenses nationwide. The move would strip the 130th of its eight C-130 cargo planes and transfer them to Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina. This move would be very difficult and problematic for the local area part-time guardsmen who hold other jobs and also attend college. If the decision to alter these bases is upheld, the transformations could start next year and be completed within six years.

One concern is that the recommendation to realign the 130th ignores the fact that the Guard is a community organization with many part-timers instead of an active duty military installation. What does a commander do with such a mess? Many of these contracted guardsmen live in the local community, go to college in the community, work in the community and can not commute hundreds of miles one weekend a month without having some sort of trouble balancing the issues.

Nationwide, the Army and Air National Guard has not reached the numbers it would like to in terms of enlistment and with a reduced number of available base locations the number will most likely decline further. But recruitment is not a problem for the 130th, which has a reputation for being one of the best-run units in the country. The unit is ranked eighth out of 89 units in staffing and fifth in retention with a 97 percent rate. It also was named the Air Force's outstanding unit four times since the 1970s and was recognized by the National Guard Association four times for best overall operation. In the last year, the 130th has added 106 recruits, including 14 women.

The 130th employs 320 full-time military and civilian staffers, while another 700 guardsmen are assigned to the unit. The base provides about $71 million to the local economy annually in goods, services and salaries. While this figure is not as large as other bases which have a $100 million or more value, these statistics show that this base has quite some positive community influence.

The 130th gives back what the federal government invests in it. About 30 Air Guard members left for a mission in Germany on Sunday, joining about 140 fellow members already deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. The 130th is on its 10th 60-day rotation since mid-2003.

U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-WV., hopes a visit by the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission to the 130th will make the personnel issue debatable. She sent a letter Thursday to the chairman of the commission asking members to visit the 130th as soon as possible. By law, at least two commission members must visit the base before the C-130s can be relocated.

"Local officials are eager to work with the military to expand and fortify the 130th Airlift Wing rather than abandon a critical outpost," Capito said.

"The commission's visit will show how the Secretary of Defense deviated from the established military and economic criteria when recommending the realignment of the 130th Airlift Wing."

With West Virginia already in preparation for huge change now that the newly elected Governor is sweeping reform across the state to the business table, we should be prepared to handle the DOD's decision whether it is to secure the activity of the base or to shut it down.