Friday, December 10, 2004

My grandmother, a Bush supporter.

I have spent the past hour or so digging through the piles of news article on various websites. With every passing moment I grew more and more frustrated, angry and determined, momentarily feeling depressed because I stumbled across this article:

" After dubbing President Bush's "open door" border policy a threat to national security, Rep. Tom Tancredo says, he got a call from Bush aide Karl Rove proposing that he never again "darken the doorstep of the White House." He's glad that the non-invite apparently didn't extend to the annual congressional Christmas party."...

Just seeing Karl Rove's name boils my blood. He got the #1 position on Barbara Walter's most interesting people of 2004. A position he does deserve due to his evil, disturbing actions and plans. People need to know who he is and why he also deserves the title: "Bush's Brain". The thing that gets me is that he has the nerve to threaten people like he is a badass. He is so intelligent, an evil genius most likely, that he gained this power and is abusing it by pretending to be a Mafia of sorts. Now, we all know that power can and does corrupt, but Karl Rove needs to understand that we are watching him. And not only are "we" watching him, we will inform him who he really is and where his place lies.

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