Sunday, October 17, 2004

On a site I think was called 'Yes Bush Can' a movement has began to get all the bloggers registered with the RNC/Bush '04 campaign to look for ways to prove that documents which could damage George W. Bush's reputation are misleading and fake. I'm sure they will point out that a comma used inappropriately shows that falsified documentation has taken place. One of the docs in question is a personal note to Ken Lay from George W. Bush. Others were DUI records among other things.

EDIT: Here is the site, ofcourse the URL would be 'falsdocs'.

Now, I am not one who exploits people's personal past, God knows my criminal/law run-in history is probably worse than Bush's. I know people make mistakes and can learn and change from them. But when your good friend is Ken Lay, and there is evidence that he scammed many, many people and caused millions of dollars in damge due to his and friends corrupted business methods, then walks due to Presidental pressure and aide, then that is something that should be investigated. Does this current administration's lies seem too 'movie conspiracy theory' to believe? Is that why they get away so easily?

"© Copyright 2004 Yes Bush Can | Yes Bush Can is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to re-electing George Bush and Dick Cheney."

WTF? Nonpartisan? You have got to be kidding me. First of all it is called "yesbushcan". Second, it says, "It must be fake: This is clearly a liberal media snow job on these poor girls." They are so partisan that they would go as far as to even protect the drunken hoes of the Bush family even when so much exposure of the daughters prove their public mischeivious acts.

I hate groups like this that claim to be nonpartisan or fair and balanced when they are not. Atleast Democrats and Liberals admit their sides. We don't hide behind stupid organization names. I mean come on, "yesbushcan" is nonpartisan?

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