Wednesday, December 01, 2004

One-issue voting. A problem that needs correction, not destruction.

There is a crisis in America that is getting worse with every passing election. This is a problem that gets growing concern due to its catastrophic effects. The problem is “one-issue voters”. These voters are people whom do not understand the responsibilities of a voting citizen in the most powerful country of the modern world. It is not to simply ‘just vote’, but to vote with the best intentions of the nation’s future in mind based on the reasoning of research, observation, investigation, common sense, and facts.

Recently the voting citizens of the great USA have been voting for the President based on single issues that not necessarily affect them, but is something they just believe in and supposedly share with the candidate. More commonly these issues are moral-based that are against their religious beliefs. These issues are most often abortion, gun rights and homosexuality, but, can be illegal and legal drug use.

Now think hard about this, but how often does a President, during his term, make decisions that are based on those issues? Zero, once, twice, ten? Now, how often does he make decisions based on foreign relations, economics, health care, education, fiscal responsibility, immigration, national security and preserving the trust and integrity of the leading nation of the free world? I am confidant that the first question is miniscule compared to the proceeding lineup of presidential decisions.

These ‘one-issue’ voters are "generally" politically unaware and uninformed, as well as largely uneducated or less educated than the other voting types. This is primarily why they are a problem. They do not know exactly what they are doing when they vote and are easily persuaded. Therefore, a corrupted politician, such as George W. Bush can spend his wealth buying support, commercials and votes, then ‘fool’ these one-issue voters into believing that he is like them and with them. All a candidate has to do is announce that he too is against homosexuality, against abortions and is a Christian. Then, the largely supported Republican evangelists jump in to show their praise for the presidential candidate. Now, the campaign is not yet in the bag, one more accomplishment needs to be completed and the election is secured. He needs to demonize his opponent as much and often as possible. If truth cannot back up his claims he will resort to lies, and stand by those lies until the election is in his palms.

George W Bush claims to be a Christian and is fighting for the will of God. His Christian backers agree and stand by their reasoning. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, and respected 700 club televangelist, even insisted God supports George W. Bush and it is God’s will that he wins the election. That’s odd. Pat Robertson said the same thing when he was running for the Republican nominee for presidential candidate about a couple decades back. He also insisted that it is God’s will every Republican nominee win. Did God lie or did Robertson lie? God doesn’t lie, so you make a common sense decision there.

These one issue voters will stand by Bush and swear he is a devout Christian, but when asked what rendition of the Ten Commandments he preferred-Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish-Bush replied, “the standard one,” suggesting he had no clue that each religion recognizes different versions. Now, is this the holy, intelligent, Christian leader fit for the USA’s highest political office? The FACTS, which some have chosen to ignore, have proven that George Bush is not fit for leading America. He may or may not be a religious man, he is however ignorant, stubborn, and unfit for command. The sad thing is, his supporters do not realize this. They do not take the time to research into the lies he has told. They just listen to their conservative friends, FOX News, the 700 club, and many other televangelists and take their word for it.

I recently got into a heated discussion with my uncle and grandmother the other night which opened my eyes a little to the other side’s point of view. And that is exactly why I am writing this document. My uncle brought out a DVD referring to Bush’s religious beliefs. Faith In The White House, I believe it was titled. Anyway, my uncle asked me to watch this, I said yes but in return he must watch Fahrenheit 9/11. He said he would, even though it was all “lies“. That pretty much sparked our debate. I went into all the lies Bush has told, his cabinet and friends. I ended the informative speech with the popular saying, birds of a feather flock together. He responded, “Geez you sound like the guys at work.” Insisting I am a gullible, uneducated, anti-religion leftist. He insisted on Bush’s faith and where the bible stated that it is God’s will to have a Christian as governor (leader). I was not aware of that, so I asked him to show me this. He said he didn’t remember where it was, but will email me the verse when he finds it. He and my grandmother are the types who dwell on the past. How things use to be holy and sacred. They insist that as every year passes, we get more evil and forget God. Hmm, after he said the Christian governor comment it made me wonder why the religious fore fathers of America bluntly, plainly and boldly stated “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” Now, is it not a common belief, if not fact, that our fore fathers and ancestors where widely religious and Christian followers? A majority was. And therefore if they wanted to establish a national religion, they could have. But they didn’t. Why didn’t they? I would go into reasoning for that, but it would create a whole new article for publishing and discussion.

Now, after a few more moments of arguing back and forth I brought up Bush’s distant past of various sins and his recent past of lies. My uncle told me I dwelled on the past too much and didn’t understand that people can change. I of all people understand how people can change. My past is as stained as many others. I then said, “alright, lets forget his distant past and go to the last four years. The years of his presidential promises. The years of his Christian faith.” I pointed out the false pretense for war. A LIE. The withdrawal of environmental protection protocols and other treaties. His false claims of aiding America with his tax cuts and the misleading trickle effect. The LIES he told taking credit for Texas laws put in affect by Democrats. I said, “these are FACTS that you or no one can deny. They are there for the world to see.” Now here is the whopper. He said, “don’t listen to FACTS! Listen to faith.” My friends, if the supporters of Bush think like this, we are in grave trouble. I was speechless when he said that and eventually the discussion came to an end moments later.

A few hours passed and the “Faith not facts” statement was eating at my head, Relay called me and I couldn’t hold back what my uncle had said. I told Relay about the whole discussion. I made an analogy like this, “If I stick a loaded (shot)gun to my head and pull the trigger, FACTS tell me I will die. However, if I have FAITH, the bullets will not penetrate my skull. I choose FACTS.” My friends, I have faith in the goodwill of the American people. I have faith that moderate Democrats will prevail and take back our nation. I have faith that people will see the mistake in electing George Bush and he will not get away with his crimes.

Others may set aside enjoying their normal lives watching football, going to the movies, going to church, eating at McDonald‘s and watching FOX News nightly, not caring about finding the truth, but myself and Relay, as well as the entire Modern America organization, will not. We have dedicated our lives to fighting for a more perfect union, to establish justice, to ensure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense, to promote the general welfare and to secure the blessings of liberty. We will fight to take back the Democrat party and instate in the people’s minds that the Democrat party still is what it was in the past. We are the party of FDR and JFK. We have not left the people. We are just getting used and abused by outsiders trying to change the Democrat name. We are the party that fought valiantly for workers and black rights. We fight for the poor, hungry and disadvantaged. We fight for the little man. And because of all these factors other people who are considered “minorities” such as homosexuals, extreme naturalist and people of other religions have chosen to join our party for our reputation of aiding the little man. The corrupted Right has chosen to take advantage of this saying that we are wacky, crazy and evil. It’s all a lie. We are the party that won WW2, we are the party that established Social Security, Welfare, Medicare and so many more needed programs. The Democrat party has a HUGE list of achievements to support our greatness. The Republicans have a history mostly of rhetoric.

I am sorry if a reader disagrees with my statements, but they are how I feel, factual and in need of attention. This may seem primarily a two party system, but it is not in total. Do not claim to be a Democrat when you DO NOT have any of the Democrat beliefs and values. Register independent and claim a party that best fits you. Then vote Democrat if a Democratic nominee runs and your candidate didn’t make it. As long as the Democrat nominee seems more fit than his competitor, then you are not making a mistake. I say this because the Democrat party will make a comeback and revolutionize modern politics. Watch and wait.

How far has the Democrat party come? Have we evolved like the Fascist Conservatives claim? Are we the party of the antichrist? Tree hugging, baby killers? No. We are the party of acceptance, truth, hard work, peace and prosperity. We are the party of progressives. Republicans more and more are becoming the party of cement. Is it not true that the bible claims that the Antichrist will lie and claim to be holy? Claiming to be the almighty? Hmmm, so far it sounds like he will register Republican. They take advantage of the holy Christian beliefs and soil the name. People like George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Ken Lay, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’reilly and Pat Robertson will be held accountable for the lies, distortions and fraud they commit.

One issue-voters are the perfect target for the Republican party. Easy manipulated, not involved, closed minded, and stubborn. Now these are not necessarily evil qualities, but characteristics that need improvement. Modern America will dedicate time getting the truth out. Along with our affiliates, we shall provide the zipper to the Fascist Conservative cloak. Greedy CEOs, warmongering military nut jobs, and fascist televangelists shall not get away with destroying our government. I repeat this over and over to install the promise in memory.

Tomorrow normally isn’t far away, but when tomorrow never makes it, then it will be to late to voice your opinions and change the world for the better. Moderate Republicans and Democrats need to work together to change the spiral downfall of America. Place aside the immature Fascist Conservative crying and lies, stand up like honest men and women and effectively solve the world’s problems. The path America has chosen is a brittle, old bridge dangling high above destruction. We must carefully dodge the loose boards and holes to successfully reunite on the other side. Then and only then can we make a fresh start to rebuild our honor and dignity as the greatest nation to ever be.

Excuse the grammar errors please.


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