Tuesday, October 12, 2004


First of all, Gaston Caperton uses some of the conservative's crutches against them. http://www.wvgazette.com/section/News/200410114
Go Gaston.
Secondly, while I was on my hour and a half drive to work today I was listening to Rush Limbaugh (as I sometimes do), and heard Rush say that Kerry's favorite word is "but". And that but is a qualifer for an antonym. He played a sound clip of Kerry's reacurring words right after he told his listeners that when Kerry says, "but" ignore everything he had said before it because that idea is about to change. He was trying his hand at ridiculing Kerry by saying (non)humorous statements similar to, "I am gonna fight for America, but I will seek global permission." Or "I have always approved this war, but I think it is wrong." Crap like that.
I tried to find a transcript of the show, but was unsuccessful. We all say 'but' and I am sure that fat bastard does aswell.

Also, check out this crap:

"NEW! Rush's Kerry vs Kerry Screensaver: Find out John Kerry's positions both for and against Iraq, gay marriage, national security, and more in Rush's eye-popping new screensaver package. You'll also receive hilarious wallpaper images of the French-looking Democrat candidate. "

Normally I wouldn't reprint this kind of b.s., but I feel this is so stupid it deserves humiliation. This was taken from Rush "the OC addict" Limbaugh's website. Does anyone else see the disrespect and childish actions in this? Not only does he disrespect Senator John Kerry, but the entire French nation. Who the f*ck do these Republicans think they are? One day they will regret their actions. Atleast I hope so.
Also, FOX NEWS aired an ad over th EIB brodcast. Geez, I am tired of talking and hearing about FOX. I wish America wasn't so dumb.

And ofcourse I am sure you all have heard about the anti-kerry documentary coming out. And as Relay has pointed out, 9/11 should be used to equalize the effect(and many, many more new documentories). I want to see every Democrat HQ showing Farhenheit 9/11 to members and local citizens. I would love to see the local theater cinemas providing free playings of the film aswell. If Moore would agree to it, I am sure it would bring in popcorn revenue for the theaters. But get real. They ain't gonna do it.

And finally...
Relay and I will be contacting the local papers about getting the truth out. We will try to see if they are fair enough to print a truth column about Kerry everyday until the election. If worse comes to worse, I may purchase some space like advertisment. Hmm, 3 weeks of space is...?

Blah, more to come on that later,

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Brandon Brewster said...

I respect the comments made by Caperton, and I admire his willingness to stand up for the Democratic party and all good Christians out there. I think he said a couple of things that were on our mind as well Vis.