Thursday, December 09, 2004

Rumsfeld to U.S. Troops: SUCK IT UP. Limbaugh Agrees.

Donald Rumsfeld received a little heat for his incompetence by the troops the other day. I watched as this brave and honorable soldier said what is on many of our minds. Rumsfeld ofcourse was a little upset that the soldiers would have the nerve to do this. He responded with more ignorant one liners that the Bush administration is so familiar with.

This afternoon Rush Limbaugh was responding to the soldiers remark on his radio show. Now, he didn't want to get attacked by the public for disrespecting the soldier and his opinions, so he is placing the blame on a reporter that, as Rush says, influenced the soldiers' thoughts. This is absolutely horrible and absolutely Republican behavior.

EDIT: Here is the email of the Journalist who is under attack by the desperate Right Wing Nazis.

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