Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Tis Suspicious Times In The House of Bush.

"WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, who introduced the nation to color-coded terrorist alerts and oversaw the largest government reorganization since World War II, has become the seventh member of President Bush's Cabinet to announce his resignation. "
-- Google News.

I am wondering what exactly is going on here. I would hope to think that these people are leaving because they have come to the realization of the horror of the Bush administration, but my gut feeling is telling me that that is not the case. Is it some new horrible corporate take over? Was Bush's first term just a horrid disguise to cover up the onslaught of his second coming? Are all these officials leaving a sign? Do they know something we don't? You know, like when a rat knows a ship is about to sink, or when birds fly away before a storm hits or before winter comes.

Should I be worrying myself? Only time will tell.

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