Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate two.

I had to work while the town hall debate went on, so I am forced to watch the 2nd debate the same way I viewed the V.P. debate; from a replay on fox news. Forgive me.

[Sloppy random rants below]

The President definately started off much better than the first occasion. He got off to a good start. However, on the question about Iran creating nukes shortly in the near future, when Dumb-ya got up to respond, I noticed a few people in the crowd smiling and giggling a dubya's dumb one liners. Is this proof the audience was planted? If I was a neo conservative, I would say so... if the tables were turned.


The President showed his aggressive, Texas, shut-the-f#$* up behavior when he interrupted the moderator, Charles Gibson.


I just don't understand how America is so stupid. Wait, I do. But still, I wish they wasn't. Noone has asked the President his concrete policy on preserving our natural resources. Keeping them pure, safe and abundant.


He is no environmentalist. The President says he is proposing a plan to cut deisel pollution or something. I dunno, he wasn't really clear. He says "lousy federal policy" allows trees/forests to be destroyed and kept unharvested or something. He is stupid.

Now he is a bastard. He is bringing up clean coal issues. He is now stomping on my ground. Don't "tread on me" Dubya.

Kerry is socking it to him. Bringing up the fact about global warming retractions.

Senator Kerry even sits more properly. That alone leaves a positive impression on the mind.

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