Saturday, November 20, 2004


I don't even know what to say about this. I can sit and think of all the cons of this idea.
I just read this 2 minutes ago and quickly became against this idea, so my following statements haven't been though through fully. I am just acting off natural reaction and first instinct.

First, can you imagine the amount of people that will partake in this action? Alot will. This is just another Texan trying to get rich without thinking about the environment. If you are gonna hunt atleast get the real experience. Even if you have to go in an all-terrain wheelchair. Geez.

Thousands of animals killed for amusement, not food or sport. Money flying into Texans pockets because they are greedy. Geez these people force me to be more Liberal than I wish.

I think I will do the same thing, but randomly set these "machine" guns around in the vacinity of Texas Republicans so people can shoot them, then ditch the camera and evidence.

I dunno. I gotta delete this post later. Lets just see how and what this develops into.
In the meantime , be thinking of pros and cons for this concept. Maybe we should set these guns up along the border to shoot trespassers. Yeah right. That is a total Republican Idea.

I am sleepy so I get unprofessional without sleep and acting on sudden emotion.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


What will happen?

So, what happened? Why did the results turn out the way they did? It is obvious to us Democrats who think for ourselves. People like Rush Limbaugh are on the attack spinning this every way except straight. More on this when I get the time and am in the mood.