Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Local Politics

The Republican party has stooped to another low recently. Last Sunday Relay and myself had a meeting with a county delegate, while discussing the future of our county and organizations, he showed us a letter that the state chairman of the Republican party had sent him. Once I get a copy of it I will try to make it available to the public, but it was basically a threat and a complete spread of lies. It claimed that all Democrat elects should switch to the Republican party before they get anihilated and lose their jobs. It claimed that Democrats only come close to winning when we run on Republican beliefs. Appearantly they are forgetting we have existed before the 2004 election. The letter also threatened to destroy Democrats in the upcoming 2006, 2008, 2010 elections. It ended with a quote, "hang ten or the Republican revolution will hang you".
My friends, it was Kris Warner who sent this message out. Contact info will be posted soon.

BTW, Relay, did the copies get made?

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