Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thank God For Senator Byrd

BRAC, Pentagon Wrong

The BRAC team concluded that the Pentagon's stats about Charleston's 130th is incorrect.

After concluding a daylong fact-finding tour, analysts from a federal panel reviewing whether the West Virginia National GuardÂ’s 130th Airlift Wing should be downsized admitted on Monday just what Guard supporters have been saying all along.

West Virginia National Guard Adj. Gen. Allen Tackett has contended that the base can now handle 16 C-130s and has the resources to expand to 24.

With the exception of Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who had to attend to Senate business, the state’s full congressional delegation — Sen. Robert Byrd and Reps. Shelley Moore Capito, Allan Mollohan and Nick Rahall — were on hand for the BRAC analysts’ visit Monday. Also greeting them were Gov. Joe Manchin and Charleston Mayor Danny Jones.

Mollohan said it was Byrd who had “marshaled together this delegation” in support of the base.

“We’re here to back up the unit,” Byrd said. “We’re united in this delegation.

But we are not through yet. More chit-chat between committees must be conducted on whether or not the DOD would save money by transferring these base jobs.

Over 1000 jobs is reported to be connected to the 130th Airlift Wing.

Thank God for Senator Robert C. Byrd, who has yet again showed his compassion and willingness to fight for West Virginia.

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