Monday, June 20, 2005

Local News: Our elections in the 3rd district are more interesting.



This little town in McDowell County also held its municipal election Tuesday, and a slot on its board race ended up being closer than Bluefield's at-large race and Bramwell's contest for mayor.

Two siblings, Scotty A. Chapman and Theresa L. Bridgeman tied with 56 votes for the fifth seat on the board. The canvass will determine whether either brother or sister received an extra vote or two, to change the results."

Interesting enough is that voters gave 56 votes per candidate. But knowing that they are siblings is adding to the plot.

There were also elections in Bluefield and Bramwell that had "too close to call" stats.

"So Bluefield had two votes shifting the election; Bramwell had one - and who knew what would happen, or who might be mayor, after the canvass. What could be more exciting?"

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