Saturday, June 18, 2005

General Update

(1) Been working on getting up and running. Got an alternate host since the national YDA is ignoring me. I have been advised that it should be available in 24-48 hours. As you see now (at this time being anyways), the default godaddy reserved page for is no longer available. This is due to the servers swapping. Don't fret, all should work out well and McDowell County Wyoung Democrats [dot] org will be up and running sometime Sunday. Nice day for it to arrive, wouldn't you say?

(2) Also added Draft Mark Warner to the suggested links list. Mark Warner has been receiving national attention for quite some time now and it seems he is gathering much support. I've kept my eye on him and will continue in the coming months. I am sure most of you moderate and Traditional Democrats thought about a Warner/Manchin ticket. Who knows? If Manchin doesn't tick off any more people and happens to turn WV around for the better, a second term as governor may not happen. But let's not pump up anyone's ego here. Save West Virginia today and the nation tomorrow.

(3) Before observing the poll, I would have never imagined more than 5 Neoconservatives would dare enter the realms of traditional territory. Interesting. I wonder if they really believe Capito will win or are they just voting to keep the results from being in the 90 percentile.

Not a scientific poll
Poll Stats

(4) Brandon has been working very hard on getting the MCYD Bluegrass Show organized. It is coming together slowly (rather quickly though in the last couple days), and should be ready sometime in August. More on that will be posted on by Monday (hopefully, depending on the server availability).


"Byrd still only leads Capito by a less-than-comfortable ten points in the polls. Ten points! That's nothing a good Karl Rove-sponsored $14 million television ad campaign can't handle."

( I was going to edit Capito's pic, but decided not. Maybe another day.)

Heh, $14 million dollars wasted down the drown. I love how these Neoconservatives are packing on weight to this campaign. It's like the snowball affect. It rolls and rolls, picking up more and more crap, then when it gets too big it breaks apart, but not before crashing into an obstacle. And this snowball's obstacle is Byrd. Do they think he will be an easy defeat? Well, I really don't hear Rove, Bush, Limbaugh, and the other high profile Conservatives spending their 2 cents. Most of the gibberish is the lower pundits and wannabe journalists. *cough* Surber *cough*. Ahem, gettin' a cold I think.

It is 5:06 am, lots was done tonight, more to do tomorrow.

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