Friday, June 03, 2005

Byrd Vs. Capito article 1909002000023

In a piece from the Charleston Daily Mail, they yet again are trying to persuade Capito to run against Byrd. She has not proclaimed her fight for the Republicans for simple reasons. She is scared.

She knows she can't beat Byrd, and a run against him would cost her a job. She would lose the seante race and her House seat. Then her sorry butt would be on the streets. But heck, ex-con Daddy or coke-head Sis will take care of her.

The reasons they run these polls are to get Capito to run. Republicans are delusional and think they have a chance on ousting Byrd, so they are willing to sacrifice everything to attempt it.

They conduct these polls like the RMS Strategies Poll released today that reports that 46 percent of 401 registered voters in West Virginia would vote for Byrd if the election were held now. I'm not sure where they conduct these polls, but obviously it is in Capito Country, and even so, it shows she will not win. By conducting polls in Republican neighborhoods, you are diluting the statistics. seriosuly want to conduct a poll showing how many Republicans will even vote fot Byrd.

"In the poll, Byrd received a 62 percent very favorable or somewhat favorable opinion from voters in the state, compared to 33 percent who gave him an unfavorable rating.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they hold a very or somewhat favorable opinion of Capito while 19 percent gave her an unfavorable rating."

Again, I am not sure where they are getting this information, but Senator Byrd is known all over the state, Capito is not. She is a knight in rusty armor only in her congressional district, again, Byrd is a Knight in shining armor in the entire state, country and possibly... the world.

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