Thursday, June 02, 2005

Byrd, Capito Race Too Close To Call

WV: Byrd, Capito Race Too Close To Call
by Jeremy L

Aside from it being a full year and a half in the future, this race has gotten the Republicans in WV more active than ever. Maybe it was the notable gains of Benjamin to the Supreme Court and Ireland to the Secretary of State�s office that has induced the surge of energy, hope and organization, or maybe not, but their new activity is evident.

Polls are being conducted, and it is my belief that these possible "diluted" statistics are designed to persuade Capito to run. Besides the polls relating to this possible race, the media is publishing OPEDs on it, citizens are submitting letters to the editors about it and blogs are a blazing with the info smashing or praising each candidate.

Researchers are 95 percent certain that results won't be more than plus or minus 4.9 percent off the actual mark.

In the poll, Byrd received a 62 percent very favorable or somewhat favorable opinion from voters in the state, compared to 33 percent who gave him an unfavorable rating.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they hold a very or somewhat favorable opinion of Capito while 19 percent gave her an unfavorable rating.

This is very interesting to me, considering that Byrd is known through out the state and Capito is mainly known in her congressional district. Is it possible that these polls are being conducted around more Republican-leaning areas? If so, then Capito definitely does not have a chance, considering those statistics. But if they are accurate, fair results, then this possible future race is going to be interesting.

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