Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dr. Zane Lawhorn

Is he serious?

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Dr. Zane Lawhorn, pictured above, is another no-name Republican contesting Senator Byrd's seat. But unlike Hiram "Bucky" Lewis, Dr. Lawhorn has actually put a lot of work in this, well, so far it seems so. His website consists of a multitude of pages of information and promises. He has a poll on each "issue" page for research. It looks like he is trying to scan the field to see what his chances are. But is he running because he feels Capito will not, or does he thinks he is better than her or Lewis?

A quick scan of his website will reveal that he is already using campaign slogans and gimmicks to woo voters. First example:

"I will 'get-er-done' for West Virginia because I am not concerned about building a 'political career'."

Another example of his political slogan:
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Yeah buddy, git-er-done! (as others say it)

Another thing to think about is the following image he links on his website:
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Does he not know who is opposition is? I mean seriously, someone contact his staff (or himself) and ask that question. What does he mean "it's time to elect a Senator that will obtain billions of dollars of funding for West Virginia"? Has this guy been in the dark? Did he just move here from Ohio or something? Interesing, but on to the next issue.

If you take a look at his "7 promises" page, you will notice that he has promised a "clean campaign based on the issues". Well, let us see how well this Republican can stick to his word.
And most of his promises were fullfilled by Senator Byrd. He will need something more solid to work with if he plans on being a strong contender. And bingo, he may have found it. Take a look at this tactic:

"I promise I will not accept a Senate health insurance plan for myself or my family until the 300,000 + citizens of West Virginia without health insurance has access to their own health insurance. Why should our elected officials have health insurance coverage when their citizens don’t?"

Interesting enough and it may be a clever tactic that West Virginians will listen to. But as for how it measures up against the weight of Byrd's triumphs for West Virginia? It gets squashed and suffocated.

Senator Byrd has proven himself as a trustworthy, caring man time and time again. If he decides to run in 2006 (duh), he will win his seat.

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