Wednesday, June 08, 2005


You can judge a man's leadership abilities by his handshake. If not too old, nor too young his grip defines his strengths. If it is firm, strong and deep pocketed within the other's hand, do not mess with him unless you like a challenge. If it is limp, soft and barely holds the other's fingertip, then take him out, he is ripe for the picking.

The latter qualities or similar qualities signify a weak, unbalanced, feminine-like man. Usually, these types have a nervous break-down when toppled. Take one of these guys out of his throne, and he'll go home crying to his wife or "significant other" and possibly transform into a blabbering fool consumed by depression.

Do not misunderstand my personality. In a perfect world, this type of man could rule or lead perfectly. But in reality, in our cut-throat, survival of the fittest, wits VS wits world; these people will not cut it. It takes strong leadership, not emotional wrecks and weak sympathizers.

But then again, a strong handshake could symbolize "George Milton"(Of Mice and Men).

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