Thursday, June 23, 2005 has been registered as of November 2004, but a closer investigation shows that it may have been registered by the opposition.

Whois information of registered domain name:

Stephen Skinner

Domain Name:

Administrative, Technical, Billing Contact:
Stephen Skinner

Record created on Nov 4 2004.
Record expires on Nov 4 2005.
Domain servers:

Domain Service Provider:

A quick google shows that Stephen Skinner is a lawyer in WV and I think "former" lawyer with Nichols & Skinner, L.C. Other Google information provides information that he is a huge supporter of the GLBT section of the Democratic Party; and a press release issued by a Stephen Skinner in the Eastern Panhandle of Charles Town, which urges others to be aware of fraudulent calls from Republicans.

Other than that, I have not encountered a "Stephen Skinner" that works along side Capito.

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