Friday, March 25, 2005

What about Robert C. Byrd? (part one)

Recently Senator Robert C. Byrd has come under enormous firepower from Republicans in congress, the conservative news media, and the idiots of the Republicans party. Why has this rise of interest in our Great Senator Byrd blown up? Because the Republican party sees him as a great threat to their evil plot. They fear him for he is a great obstacle on the side of good. Senator Byrd is the longest standing member of congress, he is one of the most respected members and absolutely one of the (if not the) wisest senator to set foot in Washington, and he is a Democrat.

If anyone has ever spoken to Byrd, you can see that he is a down-to-earth, reasonable, loving man who cares. I will go as far as to say that he is the only "real" congressman. He speaks his mind and the truth, not caring about what lobbyist, corporations and the wealthy think. He understands that it is the citizens that make this nation so great. He will not betray us by selling out to the corporate elite as the Republicans have done for so many decades. He has lived through the hardest of times in West Virginia and has seen what Republicans have done to this state and nation. Unlike the wealthy Republicans who are born into their lavishing lifestyles, Byrd was one of us, a working class man. He has worked as a gas station attendant, grocery store clerk, shipyard welder, and butcher before he ran in 1946 for his first public office, winning election to the West Virginia House of Delegates. Senator Byrd works for us because he knows what we go through, the rich Republicans have never strived half as hard.

Over fifty years ago, and I repeat OVER 50 years ago, Byrd was a member of the Klu klux Klan, he was with them for a short period of time and left. Through wisdom he understood that blind hate is a sin he could not bear. So he abandoned the organization and sought a new life as a born again Christian. But the Republicans are using this mistake as a dirty tactic against him. They know very well of the accomplishments he has achieved for West Virginia and the love he has for this fine state. They know very well how much the people of West Virginia adore him and how proud we are to call him our representative. Defeating him on his own turf would be a very difficult and expensive task, but they are prepared to do it, for his defeat would lighten their workload extremely.

Attacks on Robert C. Byrd's character are appearing daily on TV, newspapers and the internet. There are hundreds of examples I could have chose from, but the following source is what prompted me to write this.

As you can see from reading this article the author doesn't forgive anyone of their mistakes. He mentions KKK as if Byrd is still holding membership. A dirty move on his behalf and the Republicans' behalf. Take these quotes for instance:

"But what really caught our eye were the endorsements for the magazine featured along with the fundraising letter. There was none other than West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. Recently, Alan Colmes of Fox News Channel asked Byrd about his involvement in the KKK. He described that chapter of his life as a 'sad memory and I have apologized. I have done my best to do the right thing.'" And "It's a sad commentary on the state of the left-wing in America that The Nation has to resort to scrounging up an endorsement from a former Klan member. And this is the antidote to Fox News?" This kind of mud slinging on such a honorable man is disgusting.

Robert C. Byrd has been in continual political office since 1947. He has proven himself worthy and respectable time and time again. His tenure has included the state House of Delegates, state Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and US Senate. He has been Senate majority and minority leader, as well as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Twice, he has been elected by his colleagues as president pro tempore, a position that placed him third in line to the presidency. He is also one of the longest serving congressman. Senator Byrd has many acheivements under his belt and aside from his personal goals he has reached many set for the state of West virginia. He has said that he is particularly proud of helping acquire black lung disability coverage for miners, protecting the Retired Miners' Health Care Fund, advancing the state's corridor highway system, expanding veteran's Medicare programming throughout the state, directing funding to clean water systems for rural areas, and bringing thousands of new jobs to the state through institutions such as the FBI center in Clarksburg. He is also known for creation of the academic-based national Robert C. Byrd Honor Scholarship, which nearly 100,000 students have received. His name and/or funding influence are also associated with a number of regional institutions such as West Virginia University's Health Sciences Center in Morgantown, the National Aeronautic and Space Administration facility in Fairmont, a manufacturing training center in Bridgeport and many, many more.

My friends of West Virginia, these are his credentials. Robert C. Byrd has done his job! He was sent to the federal government as a representative of West Virginia to first, fight for West Virginians, and second, to better this nation. He has promised us that he will do everything in his power to help West Virginia and he has done so plus more. I ask you, all of you who have placed your faith in him in the past, to do not listen to Byrd's opposition. It is commonsense to know that Republicans want him out just because he is a Democrat, so ofcourse they are gonna say whatever it takes to discredit him. I beg you to see the good he has done and vote on that.

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