Sunday, March 13, 2005

Fire Within Water.

Relay and myself went to the Day at the Legislature over spring break and had a nice time. More people showed up than last year, including two new chapters. Some new information was uncovered that is quite exhilarating. Refreshing.

You see, there are some sorry "leaders" in our party that behave more like moderators. These people are weak and do not even deserve to be in our party let alone lead it. They are backwards on their duties. They cater to friends, interest groups and a small faction of minorities instead of their base. These people do not have valid priorities. They are aiding in the destruction of our party and they think they are powerful and above all. They are mistaken.

The information that was uncovered revolves around some weak "leaders" of our party trying to wedge their nose in our business to see what good we hope to achieve. They want to stop it for their own self interest, which is wrong. They feel that their "connections" will save them. They feel that all they need is money and connections. Well, one thing we have is grassroots and that is all we need.

If anyone of you who I am speaking about are reading this, I want you to know one thing. If you do not change your priorities, you will be removed.

Now on lighter news, the governor, the party chairman and many other prominent officials agree with our plan for the blueprint and are eagerly awaiting to review it. Relay and myself have been placing it aside to work on other projects, but the blueprint has now become our #1 side project concern. It will be done by March 20th.

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