Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm not one who follows media hyped cases...

But when politics is the afterburner sending this case soaring through national news sources I tend to pay a little more attention. The Terri Shiavo case is getting out of hand. This is an important personal and private matter between the family members involved and at most, the state judicial system.

If you look at the situation from both sides or even better, a neutral viewpoint, you can see that the parents are holding on for dear life. They do not want to see their beloved daughter slip away when a miracle can possibly save her. This is the daughter they love and feel they should not have to survive, after all what parent wants to bury a child? The husband has held some sort of hope for some time. Now, after 15 years of no progress, hope of her recovering is dwindling down. Prayers have not worked, medical science has not worked, hope has not worked.

Should Terri be forced to live in a vegetative state until she cannot hold on any longer? Should she leave now and meet her maker and end any suffering she may have? Maybe if George W Bush would sponsor more experimental medical research such as stem-cell research, more options would become available. But no, he doesn't care about helping Terri, nor do any other republicans leading this fight. This whole thing is a political tactic that disgusts me.

When a Democrat is arrested for protesting outside a Bush rhetoric session no one gives an ounce of concern, but as you can see from this link, Republicans are using anything and everything at their disposal to propel their ridiculous claim that Democrats are wacky, evil liberals. But people are so stuck on party titles that they instantly think "my party good, your party bad" Thus they ignore all facts and defend a title, not an idea.

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