Friday, March 25, 2005

Republicans attack... Shiavo and Byrd.

The more I look through the news, the more I see of this case, the more I get enraged.

In this article the obviously fascist/conservative author is spitting and spewing hate and idiotic statements about those who are in opposition to his views.
When Senator Byrd spoke of Nazism relating to the Republicans by restricting rights, the Fascist politicians and media went crazy, screaming for Senator Byrd to kneel down and apologize. But after reading this article, we can see what hypocrisy the Republicans present. In the following quote, they compare [democrats and/or liberals] to the Nazis.

"Nazi Germany went down the path towards a culture of death step-by-step – it began by killing the physically and mentally infirm and it progressed (or regressed) from there. Simply put, they began by killing sick people."

This is a statement that deserves a death sentence assigned to the author, if Senator Byrd's statement even nearly shook the nerves of Republicans.

And in another instance, he disrespectfully compares Terri's case to animals, knowing well that his far-fetched words are wrong.

"If Terri Schiavo were a dog, a beached whale, or even a murderer or terrorist, those calling for her government-imposed death would fight valiantly for her life and humane treatment. Why doesn’t Terri merit at least as much concern?"

For those of you who may buy into his words, I ask you to rethink this case, read many other articles and opinions, especially from [real] Democrats. This is a political strategy to label Democrats as evil people. Politics...


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