Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Exploiting Terri Schiavo

The story of Terri Schiavo is a sad, troubling one that reaches deep down to your heart and makes you question what is the right thing to do in a situation like this. For about 15 years she has been bedridden in a vegetative state. This is a life that no one should even wish upon their most disliked foe. Terri's situation has been quiet among national news until recently when the decision to pull her feeding tube had been made. The chances of her being able to recover through new-age medicine and technology are looking slim. Her husband claims that she would not want to continue her life like this, however, Terri's parents feel that there is some hope of saving her and she will be able to recover. Medical examiners and experts say that the chances of a recovery are slim to none, thus influencing her husband to make the difficult decision of ending Terri's difficult state.

This whole situation is troubling to begin with, but when politicians play "wolf" and feed on this story for political purposes one can only feel hatred and anger growing within from disgust of such evil. Tom DeLay and Bill Frist, the Republican congressional leaders, held an emergency meeting of Congress to pass a bill that interferes with the Terri Schiavo tragedy. And although in five years no other issue has prompted President Bush to return to Washington during a vacation—including the tsunami(but hey, this guy couldn't even get out of his chair when terrorists struck our lands)—Bush flew back from Crawford to play President.

Republicans pretend to be acting out of concern for Terri, but a memo intended only for Republican Senators—uncovered by ABC News—reveals Republicans' true concern: "The pro-life base will be excited...this is a great political issue...this is a tough issue for Democrats."

The exploitation of this tragedy should enrage any American with a heart. Just knowing that they even fathomed exploiting this case to further demonize the Democratic party and furthering their support is sickening and is proof of the Republican party's hypocrisy. And reporters are now raising questions about a right-to-die law Bush signed as Texas governor, contradicting his position in the Schiavo case. Just last week, the law was applied for the first time, allowing doctors to remove a critically ill infant from life support against his mother's wishes. So which is it? I think Bush(es) is using Texas and Florida as testing facilities so-to-speak. He does one thing in one state and the opposite in another.

This is sad.

Come on people, open up your eyes and see what the Republicans are really doing here! Southern Appeal and other bloggers cannot be that blind. My guess is they are just evil.

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