Monday, October 31, 2005

Some Republicans Are Confused

I am going to repost Mr. Brewster's article enlightening those dimwitted Repubs on the meaning of Modern America. Recently it seems we have slid from our orgininal intentions in hopes of obtaining some other goal. Maybe we were trying to become a proxy for news, but that is over with now. Our orgininal meaning was to provide our brutal commentary and stay firm on criticizing the corrupted Republican Party.

Original Article

Friday, July 22, 2005
What is Modern America?

Apparently some of you GOPers are confused. This blog isn't about intellectual topics on how to improve the life of everyday Americans and West Virginians. This blog is nothing more than a counter-punch to the Right-Wing attack machine that has brewed on a national and state level. We will occasionally talk about certain issues on this blog, however, don't make comments that ask where our substance is, we let our party leaders do the policy work.

Our substance is simple: We are Blood Thirsty Democrats, ready to attack any Republican that we put our crosshairs on.

It's a simple formula. Remember what happened to Barry Goldwater? It's kinda like that.

Now, remember that.

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