Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Byrd Meets With AEP CEO

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Washington, DC (HNN) – . U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, D-WV., met with the head of American Electric Power (AEP), in hopes of strengthening West Virginia’s case for a new advanced coal-based electric power plant.

“West Virginia has the workforce, the coal, and the desire to be home to a new AEP power plant,” Byrd said. “AEP has a strong presence in West Virginia. We have proved to be a good partner with AEP in the past, and I believe that our partnership will continue to grow.”

“If West Virginia is selected for this new power plant, it would mean an infusion of new jobs, construction of a 21st century facility, and a continued commitment to West Virginia coal. This new plant would be a mainstay of West Virginia for many years to come,” Byrd said.

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One man who has the ability to bring jobs and opportunity to West Virginia is Robert C. Byrd. And if the AEP decides to build the power plant in WV, then Byrd's billion dollar industry plan will be well on its way. This is something Capito, or any other Republican in West Virginia, is not capable of doing.

Byrd is the word and shall remain in 2006.

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