Thursday, May 26, 2005

This and That

Well, things seem to be really picking up pace in the projects/work section of our lives, but financial situations are prohibiting our progression. Tomorrow Randall Harris of the National Energy Technology Laboratory (Executive to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Technology Partnerships Working Group I believe) is suppose to meet with us to discuss some things. He will be in the Davy area to look around at the potention location for a broadband building project and to have a see at the Davy/Welch area in general. It would be nice to show him around and discuss some possible projects that McDowell can receive.

Govenor Joe Manchin is going to be travelling to Japan with a 19 assemblage. Not sure why everyone else is going, but Manchin has said that it is to build ties with the Japanese for possible future business relations and to show respect and gratitude for the business relations they already have. I just hope it isn't a wasted trip. Senator Rockefeller will be with them and he has good ties, so something should come from it.

Don Surber is an idiot as always, stating his fogged opinions and spreading his backwash around. But not to totally attack the guy, I will say he tries to be partially fair. But ignoring truth, common sense and gut feeling isn't helping him.

I need to write another article for Polstate, but have not been finding the time for serious research and news awareness lately. With the new projects under development and school coming up and all the stress of everyday life in The County, I am finding it very challenging just to move. I have so many things to do and am not sure what direction to step in first. Sheesh.

The trip to Charleston was not totally wasted. Aside from getting some disappointing news about friend relationships intertwined with adversaries and Dean not showing up, we made some good contacts and networks. It was a good day.

Now, to worry about tomorrow.

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