Friday, May 27, 2005

A Southern Democrat’s Manifesto.

I am concerned that my party is dying. It is not dying because people are changing their beliefs; it is dying because people think the party has left them. The founders and path layers of the Great Democratic Party would be enraged to see what has become of the "People's Party". But, rather than to abandoned this organization that has proven strong and worthy of praise through out the years, I will fight for it. I shall fight to restore the good name and ideology that it once upheld.

This great party once boasted dominance all across this great country and held strongholds through out every state. And now as we sit back and watch, we see it falling apart. Once proud Democrats now change their party affiliation. Once proud Democrats now vote for the opposition. Once proud Democrats have now given up on the party that has served them for so many years. Why is this happening? Why such betrayal? Plain and simple, it is because we have allowed it to happen.

The Libertarian Party and similar organizations are now the shadow of the Democratic Party. They are slowly fusing together to abolish the separate ideologies and unite them into one. And we have set back and allowed it. We Southern Democrats watched as the Northern Democrats merged with these radical thinkers in the name of fairness, love and equality. We have watched sin become acceptable through the entanglement of lies, distortions, technicalities, and "outside-the-box" thinking. We have allowed our party to be hi-jacked by Libertarian types, and we have done nothing to stop it.

The opposition of Republicans took notice to the turmoil we faced and exploited it. Instead of bi-partisan advice and assistance, they amplified the issue and turned many loyalists against us. They branded us as the party of abortion, the party of gays, the party of anti-religion, the party of sexual freedom, the party of moral corruption and decay. We are now the party of "wackos". But we are not.

I, and the majority of West Virginian Democrats do not share any of those ideas and I still declare myself a Democrat. Why? Well, all because someone starts calling an apple a watermelon does not make the switch true. West Virginia is a Democratic stronghold. We remember what the corrupt Republican CEOs have done to West Virginia. We remember the coal companies using and abusing us, then moving operations out to find cheaper labor; thus leaving us in an economic depression. We remember the Democratic Party forming unions to protect our workers and prevent further abuse. We still remember FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ and the policies they initiated. We remember the failed policies of Republicans which hurt our economy. We still remember what Arch Moore did to shame us. We have not forgotten what Enron has gotten away with. And we, as Democrats, still send a large percentage of our population to fight for Old Glory.

Speaking of Old Glory, Democrats are being called soft on foreign relations and military policies by Republicans. But going through history you see many of the military actions Democrats have taken part in. We won the Mexican-American war, we were the victors of WW1 and the party that took revenge upon Japan and Hitler during WW2. We are the party that engaged the great obstacle of Vietnam and we are the party that successfully resolved many conflicts like Kosovo, et. al. And we are soft? We hate the military? How many Republican CEOs send their kids to fight wars? How many working men and women and their children fight the wars of the rich? How may soldiers fight for the freedoms that Democrats love and protect? How many soldiers share the ideas of Traditional Democrats?

My fellow West Virginians, it may be a little too late to save New York and California, but not West Virginia. Glorious West Virginia and its wonderful people still understand what is important. And we are still Democrats. Don't let the Republican Party fool you with lies and deceits. Jesus said, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." If this is true, then should we place so much trust to anyone from the Republican Party? Those wealthy oil kings and billionaires? Those stock holders, investors, economy-gamblers, and con-artists? It is true that rich men and women are in both parties, but the Democratic Party is and always will be the "party of the people", not the rich.

I am telling everyone that we should not have to wear "Christian and a Democrat" stickers. Our party has been the "Party of the People" for many years. This means we reflect the values of the people. It is already set in stone that we are fighting for what is right. Do not be fooled into believing that God only supports the Republican Party. Senator Byrd said it best when he stated that to be a Christian you must show it through your actions, not wear it on your sleeve. And it seems that Republicans spit out that they are "Christians" at every news media available. These are not humble actions. The Republican Party is playing politics with Religion and the well-being of our nation. We must put a stop to it.

Our representatives and leaders are from working-class families and backgrounds, not Rich Corporate CEOs and oilmen. We do not pretend to be working men and women, farmers, coalminers, truckers and "ranchers", we are. Look at our leadership in West Virginia. We have honorable, good people serving us. Robert C. Byrd is a fine man. He loves God, his family and the state of West Virginia and its people more than most of us can imagine. He has dedicated his entire adulthood to doing what he thought was best for West Virginia. Whether it was a mistake or an excellent decision, he has never tried to hide his actions. He has repented when God guided him to and has stood firm on the guidance of God. Robert C. Byrd is a model for the entire world and those who disrespect him should be ashamed. If anyone has ever spoken to Senator Byrd, you would understand my praises of the man. And if Robert C. Byrd feels that he has more work to do, if he feels that he can not allow our nation to fall to the corruption of our opposition; then I will stand firmly behind him. I offer any support and service I can.

As we notice our own party falling apart, it may seem easier to just trade sides, but we can't. We must fight to take back our party. Many of our leaders seem to have it so wrong. They create committees and organizations that appeal to people who already vote for us. We have GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender) caucuses to appeal to those types of people. We have a Women's Caucus to appeal to women. We have a minority’s caucus to appeal to minorities. But we do not have a Christian caucus to appeal to Christians. Now, I don't like to play politics with religion, but if we want good, moral, capable leaders in office, and Democratic idealists at that, then we as Democrats HAVE to appeal to Christians! We have to get our votes back. Stop appealing to GLBT and appeal to God.

Our Senators, Delegates, Governors, Mayors, etc seem to have their priorities straight and their plans correct to win office. Now, we just need the Democratic Executive Committee, their various branches and the leadership of WV to realize the legislation that needs enacted to present a model for the nation. Our blueprint, which is still in the works, will be a guiding light to securing offices for years to come. If the State Party accepts it, then we are just one step away from aiding the National Party.

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