Sunday, May 29, 2005

Soul of the Senate

The Documentary was awesome. Aside from the Country fiddling and bluegrass band, there was nearly an hour of guest speakers and introductions before the film was shown, but it all was great. While Rockefeller and Manchin was not able to show up in person due to the Japan trip, they did have a video comment that was played. Every speaker hit the nail on the head with their thanks, praises and comments of Senator Byrd. But before that, when Senator Byrd showed up in his balcony seating, he was greeted with a standing ovation and ecstatic applauds.

Everyone laughed, applauded, and cheered during the documentary. It invoked passion for his words and respect for his work. I can't describe it. I won't go into details what the documentary was about, you need to watch it to appreciate it to its fullest. I will be recording it tomorrow on PBS at 7p.m. and it will also air again on Tuesday (not sure what time, but probably the same). I will tell you that after seeing some of the parts, like Senator Ted Stevens' praises, you will get an emotional passion of support for Byrd. But the entire film does that as well. At the end Senator Byrd spoke to croud with deep emotions when discussing his wife, Erma. Healsocracked a few jokes to get the croud to laugh. Governor Underwood and Representative Rahall were on the receiving end of the witticisms.

And as we were exiting the doors of the Clay Center, they doormen and women were handing out printed copies of the United States' constitution. It was great.

BTW, I had been to the Clay Center before to see the light shows and to see the art museum, but this time I got to see more of it. It is a very beautiful building and is a good addition to the city of Charleston.

Byrd in '06

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