Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Senator Byrd Announced His Intentions.

Today, Our great senator, Robert C. Byrd, spoke from the Capitol Rotunda saying he was "ready to go for another round." Byrd has 47 years in the Senate and will become the longest-serving member in Senate history in June.

While Republicans are lining up to knock down this great man, chances are that this wise, tactful Senator still has a few tricks up his sleeve to even derail the misdeeds of Rove.

God bless Senator Byrd and may he represent the people of WV as he is willing.


Here is a transcript of Senator Byrd's speech available on his campaign site Byrd2006

Senator Byrd's Announcement Speech

Surrounded by family, friends, and hundreds of supporters, United States Senator Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., made it official on Tuesday -- he will seek re-election to the Senate in 2006. Senator Byrd's remarks are below.

"I have given most of my life to serving the people of West Virginia, and today I stand before you ready to go another round. Today, I am here to announce my decision to run once again for the United States Senate and represent each of you, the people of our great State of West Virginia.

I have the best job in America because I represent you, the people of West Virginia. I want to keep this job. And I have called hundreds of West Virginians, and asked them, and they all said, "Go for it!" Here among our hills are the finest people on earth. Why do I say that? Because it's true. West Virginians believe in humility, hard work, patriotism, and we have an unshakeable faith in God.

We know that humility ennobles the spirit. We understand the dignity in hard work. We love our state, our country, and our flag. We share the faith of our fathers. Their faith in God is our faith. It is rooted in the marrow of our bones.

What a privilege to represent people like you! That is why I want to run again.
West Virginians deserve the best. As for me, it is an honor to work for all of you every day in the United States Senate.

It is not easy work, but I enjoy doing all that I can for West Virginia. I know how to deliver. I have been practicing my craft for years and, with your support, I will keep on giving you all I've got. I want to help build West Virginia's future. Together, we are making great progress, But there is more to do, and our best is yet to come.

We are a state rich in natural resources, natural beauty, and creative people who know how to work for what they want. We have a new, dynamic Governor. We have a hard working State Legislature. We have a strong Congressional Delegation. And we have lessons for America in the way we live our lives.

With a modern transportation system, a skilled workforce, and a friendly climate for small businesses and entrepreneurs, opportunity abounds. West Virginia is ready to reach new heights and new horizons. We are on the way to better days, and I will keep pushing to help build a better future for West Virginia.

There is much more to do. West Virginia's health care needs must be addressed. West Virginia's education opportunities must be improved. West Virginia's senior citizens must have the dignity and the security that they deserve. Our young people need good jobs so they can stay home in West Virginia and help us to build West Virginia's future.

I pledge my best efforts on those tough problems and more. And I also promise you this. I will never pull my punches. I will never duck a challenge. I will never close my ears to your concerns. And I will never, never, never fail to speak my mind on your behalf.

My beautiful wife, Erma, cannot be with me here today, but she is a West Virginian through and through, and she wants me to continue to work for the state we both so dearly love. With God's blessing, I look forward to the days ahead. With your support, and Erma's love, I look forward to working with all of you. We have mountains to climb together, so let's get going!

May God continue to bless our great country, and may God continue to bless the great State of West Virginia and her mountain people!"


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