Monday, September 26, 2005

Republicans Love Money...and Corruption.

An investigation is underway that may have Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in an "Alderson Prison" of his own. Senator Frist seems to have pulled a "Martha Stewart" by getting inside information and selling his stock shares before its value plummeted. Senator Frist says he will comply with the authorities on this situation, but ofcourse, what else would he say?

Today in his first public comments on the issue, Frist said he "acted properly" in the transaction. Federal prosecutors last week said they would look into Frist's sale of HCA shares just before the hospital chain warned in July of weak numbers, driving the stock lower.

Today's comments came as the new chief of one of the agencies investigating the sales, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Christopher Cox, recused himself from the investigation. Cox, a former California representative and onetime contributor to a Frist election campaign, cited the need to avert what he called "any appearance of impropriety."

With Cheney having more medical complications, Bush's approval ratings plummeting, the "War On Terror" entering a seemingly infinite loop, U.S. economy taking a beating from the executive screw-ups and natural disasters, this is the last thing the Republican leadership needs. But as many have stated before, a mountain pile of screw-ups will open the eyes of the people... eventually.

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