Saturday, April 05, 2008

Clinton Vs Obama... Vs McCain?

Right now, everyone is arguing over which ground breaking headline will top the newspapers after the November elections, "First female president" or "First Black President". Evidently McCain is not even being considered by these folks.

Everyone out there better carefully decide whom the Democratic candidate is going to be to face off against McCain, because the Republican war machine has proven time and time again that they are capable of winning elections based on character assassination. And if "Flip-flopper" was strong enough to destroy Kerry and get Bush elected once again, even after all the horrors he produced, our Democratic nominee is going to face a hell of a fight. I urge you all to ignore the "first black man" or "first woman" president aspect of it. Vote on who will actually be able to save our country.

Wasn't Bill Clinton one of the most beloved presidents? When he was in office the US was very popular, leaders of other nations respected and admired him. He would be one heck of an asset.

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RetUSAFO said...

I'm amazed that no one seems to care about Obama's qualifications. Perhaps those in power believe that this is an advantage since it will allow them to manage Obama is the same manner as Bush. But both Obama's have some characteristics that all Americans should worry about.

For example, Michelle Obama has been on the campaign trail for her husband. Few can ignore the hatred that Michelle Obama holds towards America. For someone whose law firm just raised her salary from $121,000 to over $320,000, Michelle Obama is experiencing the American dream not only in the workplace but also as a couple that is in the millionaire’s list. To make matters even better, Mrs. Obama seems to think that some Americans only paying $3 for gas while others are paying near $5 reflects some type of progress and should be grateful.

This seems to the be same type of hype that her husband, the Senator from Illinois uses on the campaign trail as both do not offer solutions to this growing problem. What is clearly known, since Democrats have taken over Congress, Americans are paying more in the gas pump and at the grocery store. At the same time, the DNC promotes its only politician, the Senator from Illinois and shows that as a political party, the DNC cannot be impartial. I hope the super delegates represent the voter’s desires and not the DNC party desires as promoted by Howard Dean and U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Americans can fairly blame the Iraqi war on President Bush but everything else in America including our failing economy is at the hands of the Democratic Party. Mostly through in action and supporting special interests that keep providing hidden donations.