Thursday, July 28, 2005

Say what's unpopular, get to what's popular

Check out this article by Michael Sherrin! I wish everyone on the Democratic Leadership Council would be replaced by him and others just like him.

Say what's unpopular, get to what's popular

Liberal government happens. Imagine 69 Democratic Senators. Imagine, at the same time, a second term Democratic President. Imagine a time when that Democratic President feared Southern Democrats more than Republican sound bites.

This was the case a short 60 years ago. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Democratic Party commanded such popularity that there was no state where they weren’t competitive. When FDR concerned himself with the social issues of the times, the conservative Southern Democrats threatened his agenda more than any Republican.

The Democrats were in power and they can be in power again. Unfortunately, the current strategy of the Democratic Party seems ineffective at combating the ever-dominant social issues. Try to explain the Democratic Party’s stance on same-sex marriage in under 30 seconds with enough time to explain how you’re going to provide health insurance for all Americans. While the Republicans have simple, conservative answers on abortion and school prayer, Democrats flounder in the center with no one to represent the left. By swinging to the left, the Democrats can deliever short, simple positions on these controversial social issues, giving them time to turn the subject to what Democrats have always won on–economics.

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