Monday, December 20, 2004

Republican Cheer!

Republicans disgust me. They are liars and manipulators. Dividers. Fear mongers. Smiling when they talk about war and grinning when they tell their lies and distort their record. Trying to impose their hateful morals on the rest of the world, they're nothing but the Taliban reborn. Have you seen their platform? Have you listened to their speeches? These warmongers? These liars?

Let's get some things straight: Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Stop insinuating there is. Where is Osama? Why are we in Iraq if Osama Bin Laden is free? Since he is free, obviously Bush *didn't* do his job, did he?
The 9/11 commission makes it very clear that Bush's administration ignored signs of a pending attack. Stop pretending it was a surprise.

Bush lied to the entire country and Colin Powell lied to the entire world as to why we should invade Iraq, then we did so in spite of the U.N. and without a plan to win the peace. Bush's actions have caused unprecedented anger and resentment towards the U.S. and made us less safe, not more

Anti-choice. This party thinks a woman's right to choose should be against the law (obstensibly to save the life of an unborn child... but they don't mind killing thousands of innocent Iraqis, do they?). This is an adminstration that prevents American healthcare workers in Africa give out condoms to help stop the spread of AIDs. Republicans are sick and twisted.

Bush is an incompetent, ignorant, dangerous moron. When asked a basic question in a press conference, Bush exclaimed that he couldn't think under pressure and wished that the question had been given in advance. Terrorists don't give questions in advance George, you're not fit to run this country.

Republicans just keep on lying and lying and lying until the stupid people think it's the truth just because it's so consistent. E.g. "Death Tax", "Compassionate Conservatism", "Flip Flop", "Liberal Media". The last one is the biggest lie. The media is *not* liberal but now everyone assumes it is, and the conservatives get their way always. They are manipulators extraordinaire. Have you read the platform? Revisionism and manipulation at it's best. Goebbels could't have written it better.

Finally, thank god Arnold is Austrian by birth. That maniac. Calling the Democrats liars? Is he kidding me? And the rest of that crap he spewed is just garbage. What a butthole (but a great representative for his party)!

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