Sunday, December 19, 2004

No English

President Bush paid a visit to USA Industries, a factory in Bay Shore, Long Island, N.Y. After presenting his speech to the factory workers, they cheered and gave him a standing ovation. After the president departed, journalists talked to some of the workers. Almost all of those contacted said "no speak English." One 26 year old, who knew English, when asked what he planned to do with his life, said: "I would like to become an American citizen."

These workers were getting $6 to $9 per hour. They opened our eyes. This incident presents an entirely different view of Bush's economic policies than Bush is trying to show. But then Bush always says one thing and does the opposite. He is a con man, always selling, never delivering, except to his friends. He has two faces: one for the average guy to whom he shows "compassion," the other to his rich friends to whom he delivers the goodies.
Bush talks one way to us and acts a different way to please his friends with reference to security. He talks about security daily. Then he forgets about Afghanistan and acts against Iraq. He advocates peace and democracy. Then he acts against our civil liberties. We, the public, are beginning to catch on:
Bush "no speak securita."

Bush talks about how he feels for workers who have no jobs. He offers them his compassion. But then he gives tax cuts to the rich and corporate welfare to Big Business. It is becoming more obvious every day that:
Bush "no speak economica."

Bush tells us all that he wants to fight environmental destruction. Then he acts to reduce the burden on business and the environment is degraded further. Don't you get the feeling that: Bush "no speak ecologica."

It has gotten so bad that even with his fellow Republicans he says one thing and does something else. This is what he did with Medicare. Afraid that Republican legislators would vote against his Medicare bill, he told them the cost of the bill would be about 1/3 less than the actual estimated cost - which Bush knew about when he advocated passing of the bill. Instead of reducing spending, Republicans are upset because Bush is increasing government spending. Upset Republicans are effectively saying: Bush "no speak Republica."

President Bush: We figured you out. We cannot believe anything you say. You "no speak securita," you "no speak economica," you "no speak ecologica," you "no speak Republica." In plain language,
you "no speak English."


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